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About 2 months ago, he had just hit 60,000. Now he has 63,188. So he got about 3,188 points with no activity whatsoever. I'm not blaming DT for this, but how can somebody get 3,188 points with no activity? I mean to say, some people are just going around spamming him with tons of points. And main thing is, what can we do about this?

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He is probs spamming himself up but I has no proof.
I didn't mean it that way. I believe somebody ELSE and not only one User as spamming him from time to time.
Who then?
This is why we should have an upvote tracker.
Some random User. No easy way to tell :/
No one is to be blamed for this. People are going to upvote posts, and there isn't much we can do about it. This is honestly just another case of: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/24731/professionals-getting-more-votes

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Well according to Google's cache of the user page, DT has only gained 80 points in the past 2 weeks, which is 8 votes.

He has over 1100 answers so they are going to appear a lot, when older questions are bumped (e.g. moveset questions). Anyway it really doesn't matter.

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I agree, DT has a lot of answers and most of them if not all are upvote worthy. I also noticed myself that when I was inactive I gained points.
... Ok...
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This is a classic case of people "Swatting" up to Mods.
It's not the Mods fault. Sometimes they will put an answer that is brilliant and will get lots of votes for a good reason.
But sometimes people upvote and then Comment saying:
> Nice + 1

Its just what happens and no one is really to blame for it.

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OMFG, now it is so obvious who has been spamnming DT.
Ok... Who?
I'll tell you privately cuz I don't wanna cause any drama.
Who? Just say it.
"OMFG, now it is so obvious who has been spamnming DT.
commented 4 hours ago by Galactic Zoroark"

Idk about you but this looks a lot like you are accusing Sciz of spamming DT...
No...? Sciz knows who I am talking about.
Why does anyone care about DTs points? He is inactive so it doesnt matter.
And DT's epic anyhow :P
If he is epic, he should not be let off having a dupe, if he does have one, which he probably hasn't.
Yeah. I only up vote if I see areally good answer.
I'd be curious to know...I know this is old and all, but...
^ I was curious too at the time. I didn't see much Point spamming really, but things like newer users seeing perhaps some of your moveset Questions (for e.g) and upvoted them. I doubt it is anything much. it's not your fault at all xD