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![enter image description here][1]

As you can see my message which i sent when i took this screenshot is sent 2 hours ago

And the older messages are sent 1 hour ago?

What is wrong with the chat?
Or is it only on my computer?
Tell me if this happens on your computer too. Thanks!
[1]: http://i.imgur.com/jVa7u8D.png

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Ain't happening on me.
Yes, this is happening to me too.
Thanks for letting me know. Phew i thought it was only me
well, this happened to me recently, but instead it claimed all comments were made 2 days ago.
*Says "whut"* then... *Plays trololo* And an interesting fact... Autocorrect turns trololo into Tripoli. o.O
It is as well happening to me....
it happened to me too
Sometimes on the school's computers it says "9 months from now"...

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Your clock on your computer is set to the wrong time.

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Ok Thanks Mew. My computers clock has been wrong for a very long time. So it is weird that this started to happen now