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Tags that can be applied when Flagging to let the person being Flagged a reason for them. In addition to that, a Link to the Rules or a Warning Message or some sort should be left in the Comments.

Reason: I have recently encountered 3 Answers that needed to be Flagged, while the person being Flagged had know idea why. The laziness of new users now-a-days.

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new users are new. they cant help it
FLAGTAG! It rhymes.
You really can't blame the new users anyway, heck, I read the rules when I first got here, I still didn't know what certain things were allowed, and I was already a member for seven months, but still new... So don't really say that users can be lazy. It's an excellet idea but still, in fact, I never even saw the Rules page next to Chat until last month! I was linked the first time. Anyway, I'm not sure what the point of this comment was in the first place but I wouldn't call the users "lazy."

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This is in the works already... not sure when it will be done though.

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Oh okay PM thx.
"This is in THE WORKS already": http://www.theworks.co.uk/ ! :D