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One of the things I have been wanting to do is allow contributions from users. I've also been working on our new design and the new Pokedex layout needs a short introduction for each Pokemon. I could auto-generate a sentence or two for each Pokemon but I'd love something more customised.

Here's a preview of the new layout with some filler text:

Anyway it would be great if anyone wants to help contribute! Pick a Pokemon and write an introduction following the guidelines below. Just do one for now and post it as an answer, so I can see and make any suggestions/corrections.


  • This is a basic introduction, you don't need to write an essay. Quality over quantity.

  • You must be able to write in proper sentences and be able to spell.

  • Write in a neutral style. This means instead of writing "You can find Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave." you would write "Mewtwo can be found in Cerulean Cave." It also means don't say opinionated things like "Magikarp sucks", stick to the facts. Although in that case you could probably write something like "Although Magikarp doesn't have the lowest stats, it is often considered the worst Pokemon due to its very limited movepool, one of which is Splash."

  • Start with a sentence like this: UPDATE: the first sentence is now being automatically generated for all pages, but when writing your intros you can put it in to remind you that it will be there.
    "[NAME] is a [TYPE] type Pokemon introduced in Generation [N]. It is known as the '[SPECIES] Pokemon'."

  • Include a short description of the Pokemon and what it's based on. Any notable snippets from the Pokedex entries are fine, but don't copy all of them.

  • Include anything else the Pokemon is notable for, e.g. being a starter, being top or bottom in a stat, being the tallest/shortest/heaviest/lightest and so on.

  • Avoid repeating stuff that's already on the Pokedex pages like Pokedex numbers, abilities, moves or locations, unless notable (like signature moves or Shedinja + Wonder Guard).

  • Don't add pointless trivia. We may have a trivia section at a later date.

  • Don't add things from the anime unless it's very notable (the only exceptions I can think of right now are Pikachu being the mascot of the series, and Ho-Oh being seen in the first episode).

  • Avoid talking about competitive play. You can write something like "Ferrothorn is notable for its high defense and unique typing" but not "Ferrothorn is a great wall in OU."

  • Write in your own words - don't copy from Bulbapedia, Wikipedia, etc. You can look there or other places for ideas but don't copy. (By the way it's incredibly easy to find out if you copied it from somewhere else, so don't bother.)

  • Don't be afraid to accept constructive criticism and friendly suggestions :)

OK that's enough rules, hope I didn't scare too many people off ;)
Here's an example I wrote for Drapion as a further guideline:

Drapion is a Poison/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Generation 4. It is known as the 'Ogre Scorp Pokemon'.

Drapion is a purple, scorpion-like Pokemon. Its body is segmented and it stands on four pointed legs. It has two large claws at the front, the tips on which release poison, and a similar large pincer on its tail. It can rotate its head 180 degrees. Drapion typically resides in the desert, although it has been spotted in marshland.

Although Drapion is Poison/Dark type, it evolves from Skorupi which is Poison/Bug type, thus loses its Bug type upon evolution - a very rare occurrence in Pokemon.

Reminder to those that have answered: go ahead and write a sample and put it in your answer :)

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lol is that supposed to be in like three years or something? "Original 800" "When Pokemon was awesome"
I love the new format! :)
Can someone list the pokemon who have been done to prevent like 100 people writing Magikarp, Feebas, Arceus and watever....
I willl join if i´m allowed
Is the thread still open for answers?

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Hey PM :D I love this. I wanted to offer my help upon this. I wasn't sure whether to comment to answer, so I just answered. Feel free to convert though if I screwed up :D

Anyway, I would like to help write such things like this. I can include large amounts of detail in my work when I want to do so. I have also been looking for an opportunity to prove myself to you and help out the site as a whole. I am a good writers, I got my second Jr National Writers award a few weeks back, so I know my way round a pencil (or a keyboard in this case) so you can count on me!

I'll go over each basis.

you don't need to write an essay
You must be able to write in proper sentences and be able to spell

I do have a slight habit of writing more than is needed, but i can limit myself.
My spelling isn't the best, but I can easily overcome that.

Write in a neutral style. [...]

I do sometimes go a bit formal but that shouldn't be a problem for me.

Don't add pointless trivia. We may have a trivia section at a later date.

This may be subject to opinion. What someone finds interesting and useful other might see as "useless trivia". I'll try my best to avoid this, but it is slightly in my nature to hand out random facts.

Avoid talking about competitive play. [...]

Could we include that it may be popular in competitive use but leave it at that or something similar?

Write in your own words [...]

Wouldn't dream of it.

Don't be afraid to accept constructive criticism and friendly suggestions :)


I hope I may be considered by your Lord Pokemaster. Thank you for your time.

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forgot to mention my activity. I am a active users, at least coming to the DB a few times a week. So I'll have plenty of time to help out with this stuff.
Not the best idea to use incorrect grammar in your post if you're going for the job :P  "I am an* active user"

eh, Who am I to talk xD
decided to write an example :P


Weavile is a medium sized Pokemon based on a Weasel.It's name origin is comprised from "Weasel" and "Vile" meaning unpleasant. It's the only Pokemon other than it's pre-evolved form "Sneasel" to carry Dark and Icy typing. Weavile has a slightly more complicated evolving procedure than most Pokemon, needing more specific requirements than most Pokemon. Although it does not evolve itself, it's pre-evolutionary form has some traits it does not have, such as the ability to learn "beat up" and "Ice Shard". " Weavile's most remarkable Stat is it's 125 base speed, which is loved by many people. On the appearance side of things, Weavile has taken up some sort of assassin appearance, which  suits it's high speed and attack stats. It has a long, black body with a Red feather like headdress. The Male Weavile seem to have  larger feathers than the female. Some other of it's endearments include a large pendant like orb in it's forehead, which seems to have no real purpose. It also has very large claws, most likely for viciously mauling prey or enemies. These features attract a decently sized fan base for it's cool looks and rare typing.
What, did you write that on Micrso Soft Word and correct it then copy and paste it here? :P
First, I hope you don't mind but I cut out some of the stuff in your answer where you were just agreeing so it wasn't too long :) To answer your questions:
- "I do sometimes go a bit formal" - formal is good, that's essentially what I mean by "neutral".
- trivia - anything that has more than 2 clauses is usually way to specific and trivial. I mean saying something like "Weavile is the only dark type mammal-based Pokemon to have more than 100 in speed" would be totally pointless.
- competitive stuff - I would try to avoid it because that kind of stuff changes quite a lot. A Pokemon that is popular now may not be popular in a few weeks or months
- and your spelling/grammar seem good so don't worry about that. I'll proof read and edit things before I put them on the site anyway, I just want to make sure people can actually write some readable sentences :D

About your example:
- Don't need the name origin thing as that is on the page already.
- Don't need the moves only Sneasel can learn as that is on the page.
- I should have added that you can mention how it evolves for the Pokemon with more complex/unique evolutions, even though it is technically on the page. So that bit above could be "Weavile has a slightly more complicated evolving procedure than most Pokemon: it evolves from Sneasel by levelling up holding a Razor Claw at night time."
- I would avoid the opinionated things like "which is loved by many people". We can add that it's one of the fastest Pokemon (if my counting is right it is 7th fastest non-legendary).

Great start though!
thank you for your critism PM :) I'll work on technique a bit, I do hope I may be considered :D
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I would like to if you don't mind of course. I have been writing pokemon descriptions for a long time and I wouldn't mind to help :)


"Arceus, the alpha pokemon is a normal type pokemon that was
introduced in generation 4. It shares many characteristics with horses
and is likely based on one.

It is known as the Original One". Eons ago it created three legendary
dragons: he that controls space, the one that is master of time and he
that makes all things parallel. The latter dragon was banned by Arceus
due to its violence. A few eons later it created three new legendary
spirits. They where the embodiment of knowledge, emotion and
willpower. These three characteristics are later seen in younger
beings known as humans. Arceus is known to be able to wield 16 plates.
These plates contain the 16 elemental types(excluding normal type). When wielding these, Arceus can change from it's normal state into the type of the plate.

Arceus is known to live in an apart dimension only appearing in times
of need or in times of Judgement.

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Brave to tackle Arceus for the first one :)
Good start though. I honestly don't know that much about the mythology surrounding Arceus myself.
Two small things: (1) the name origin is not needed as it's already on the page, and (2) split the text into a couple of paragraphs so it's easier to read. For example one with the intro, one with the mythology and one with the place stuff. Thanks :)
ok Pokemaster :). Thanks for your advice
You might say 'the elemental plates' and 'the elemental types' as the new games constantly add new types, so you don't need to re-write that tiny portion over and over again.
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Pm, you are boss. I'm so in to help with this! :] Hope I'm considered!

Typhlosion (example entry):

enter image description here
> Typhlosion is a pure Fire Type Pokemon, introduced in Generation III.
> It is known as the "Volcano Pokemon", and is the last evolution of
> Cynadquil.
> Typhlosion's appearance is similar to a Badger, however, it is a very
> agile and sleek Pokemon. In comparison to it's pre-evolutions, it is
> very distinct in similarities. For example, it is a four-legged
> Pokemon, while it's pre-evolution, Quilava, is a two-legged. The fiery
> holes in it's back change into a burning inferno of Fire along the
> back of it's neck.
> Typhlosion make their nests mainly in the grasslands, though they can
> also live along mountainsides. They are very rarely found in the wild.
> After evolving form Cyndaquil, it's behaviour dramatically changes,
> and becomes rather quick-tempered, contrary to it's pre-evolutions.

Dusknoir (example entry):
enter image description here
> Dusknoir is a pure Ghost Type Pokemon, introduced in Generation 4. It
> is known as the "Gripper Pokemon", and is the last evolution of
> Duskull.

Dusknoir's appearance is a ghost, and it's body is mostly
black. It has one eye along the top of its forehead. On its back are
markings resembling a face. Dusknoir has the ability to receive radio
waves from the "spirit world", and can also hold lost spirits in its
stomach. Dusknoir also has abilities typical of a Ghost-type Pokémon,
but also has vast physical strength and can perform the three
elemental punches.

Dusknoir prefers dark areas to live in, and generally comes out during the night, however, this is a very rare case.

There we are, hope you liked them Pm :D

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Looking at Scizor's answer, I think it's safe for me to beg Pm so that I can do Typhlosion? :D
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Sure I can help also. Not that I'm the best writer or anything but this seems like something I can handle.
Obviously I will do Victini:

>Victini is a Fire/Psychic Pokemon introduced in Gen 5, and is part of the 'Victory Pokemon' species.

>Victini is a small, red and yellow mouse like Pokemon with ears what are shaped like a V. This could possibly refer to the fact that it's name begins with the letter V, or the generation it was introduced in. Victini has a round head, and is comparatively large for it's small body. Victini has two three-fingered hands and two two-toed feet. It also has wings on the back of its body, which Victini uses for flight. Victini has two three-fingered hands and two two-toed feet. It also has wings on the back of its body, which Victini uses for flight.

>Victini is the first ever Pokemon with the Fire/Psychic typing, and does not evolve from or into anything. Victini's signature move, V-Create, does tremendous damage and Victini is the first Pokemon to learn this move.

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Looks good, only minor thing is we don't need the name origin as that's already on the page. You could also mention its signature move.
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I'm definitely in, this sounds like fun. :D

Anyway, I'd be happy to write a few intros. I'll probably end up doing Flygon, Starmie, Aggron, Forretress and Togekiss at least, if nobody has already taken them yet. I'll edit this with my intros once I'm done with them.

Another slightly off-topic addition, but the new design and layout looks great! A new look is nice little touch to those Pokedex pages.

Fix these in any way you want :)

> Flygon is a Dragon/Ground type Pokemon that was introduced in Gen 3. It is known as the 'Mystic Pokemon'.

>Flygon is commonly referred to by the Pokedex as 'the Desert Spirit'. It is a large green dragon Pokemon that can create raging sandstorms by flapping its wings. It has two short arms and a large tail.

>Interestingly, Flygon evolves from the Ant Pit Pokemon Trapinch, which does not have a dragon-like appearance like Flygon does.

I have a bunch of others written, I'll post them when you're ready.

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Looks great Fizz! I'll let you know when we're ready to go :)
Nice. Thanks PM ;)
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I'm in.

> Keldeo is a Water and Fighting type Pokemon introduced in Generation 5, also known as the Colt Pokemon. Keldeo is not only a
> "legendary" Pokemon, but it has two formes.
> Keldeo bears a notable resemblance to a horse, hence the "Colt"; a
> breed of horse. Keldeo uses his control over Water to hop across large
> bodies of water. He may not be found with his friends all the time,
> but he is commonly seen at beautiful waterfronts. However, when it
> becomes Resolute, he is fiercely swift and powerful.
> Keldeo can only be found by event, like most "Legendary" Pokemon.
> Keldeo is the last member of the Legendary Musketeers trio, others
> being Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion. Keldeo has a signature move
> unavailable to other Pokemon, Secret Sword. Having this move allows
> him to enter his other form, Resolute.

> Zoroark is a Dark type Pokemon introduced in Generation 5, also known as the Illusion Fox Pokemon. He is first seen in Gen 4 of the
> Anime, starring in "Zoroark and the master of Illusions". This guides
> people to believe Zoroark is the first Pokemon made in Gen 5.
> Zoroark is based on a fox, 'Zorro' meaning fox, and dark. Zoroark is
> well known as a sly trickster, being able to appear as anything. They
> may seem devious, but they deeply care for each other and protect each
> other at all costs. This can be seen in the movie, where Zoroark is
> trying to get to her young Zorua, who Ash is protecting in the
> meantime.
> Zoroark evolves from Zorua, and has an incredible niche. Zoroark and
> Zorua each have the ability 'Illusion', native to them. This allows
> them to appear as someone else, but reveal themselves when attacked.
> Zoroark also has a signature move, Night Daze.

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These look great! Thanks. I'll let you know when we're ready to go :)
"He" should be changed to it, as Zororoak's can be either Male or Female.
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Since it looks like no one has got dibs on Hippowdon I hereby declare that I err.. want to do, um, a blurb or something on that guy.

Hippowdon is a Ground type pokemon that first appeared in Generation 4 that is classified as the "Heavyweight Pokemon" species.

The pokemon's appearance varies depending on the gender. Hippowdon appears to be constantly sulking in sand, his seven foot mouth always agape, threatening to crush his enemies. His high physical defense and attack are characteristic of many ground type pokemon. The pokemon is found in rocky environments.

Hippowdon is known for his rare "Sand Stream" ability, an ability that instantly causes a raging sandstorm when the pokemon is sent to battle. This ability is only known to 2 species of pokemon.
It's actually known to 3.
Hippopattas, Hippowdown, and Tyranitar.
Looks great. Only small thing is to capitalize "Pokemon" :)
Also as Once said technically 3 species have Sand Stream, although perhaps you could say it's known to "2 families of Pokemon" or maybe "2 lines of Pokemon". Not sure what would be the best word.
Edit: also you said the appearance varies depending on gender but didn't say what the difference was :)
Okay, ever so slightly revised edition:

Hippowdon is a Ground type pokemon that first appeared in Generation 4 that is classified as the "Heavyweight Pokemon" species.

The Pokemon's appearance varies depending on the gender. The Pokemon appears a gray and black combination when female, and a sandier color when male. Hippowdon appears to be constantly sulking in sand, his seven foot mouth always agape, threatening to crush his enemies. His high physical defense and attack are characteristic of many ground type Pokemon. The Pokemon is found in rocky environments.

Hippowdon is known for his rare "Sand Stream" ability, an ability that instantly causes a raging sandstorm when the pokemon is sent to battle. This ability is only known to 2 Pokemon Evolution chains.

Thanks for the advice guys!

Plus the new site format looks really slick, I'm looking forward to it.
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I could write a bunch of articles xP I like the idea of this. It adds a nice bit of color to the Pokedex and spices things up a bit.

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I'd love to help. If I can do Scizor o3o
My grammar is mediocre or so I hope and I'd really like to have the chance to leave my mark on the site. Aslong as it was on Scizor's page o3o


Scizor the Bug/Steel type Pokemon was introduced in Generation 2 and is part of the 'Pincer Pokemon' species.

>Scizor's design is a red, metal bug-like Pokemon with yellow and black patterns on its pincers which form an eye-like pattern. Its body body consists of 3 main parts which are the torso, the abdomen and the head whilst standing on 2 legs. It has a pair of small wings located on its back which can be used for flying, but they aren't Scizors main priority for movement. Scizors habit is a lush and vast habitat where it can reside with the rest of the swarm.

>Scizor evolves from Scyther which is Flying/Bug type, therefore losing its Flying type but gaining a new type, Steel.

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Looks great! I'll let you know when we're ready to go :)
Cheers PM, can't wait. o3o!
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I'd be down for doing this. If I have time after work today, I'll post a sample.

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I'd love to help. I have good grammar, and I write all the time.
I may not be able to write entries for a lot of Pokemon, but I will do at least 10, especially starters.

Here is my Charmander entry:

Charmander is a Fire Type Pokemon introduced in Generation 1. It is known as the Lizard Pokemon.

Charmander is a small, red Pokemon that stands on two feet. It has a lighter-colored stomach, and blue-green eyes. Charmander has small fangs and claws, but overall does not have a ferocious appearance, unlike its evolutions.
It prefers hot places.
It has a flame burning at the tip of its tail that is with it from birth. The flame is a measure of its life force. If this flame goes out, Charmander dies.

Charmander is one of the original 3 starter Pokemon from Generation one, along with Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

Charmander gains the Flying Type when it is in a fully evolved state. This new typing grants it Ground Type immunity, but makes it 4x weak to Rock Types.

edited by
Good start. I would prefer a bit less of stuff straight from the Pokedex entries and a bit more describing the Pokemon, if that's OK. Also we should mention that it's one of the original 3 starters.
Edited. Is that better? :)
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I'm in. Sounds cool.

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Lesgo and do dis.

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I'm in. Let's get this show on the road (or on the dex pages, either works).

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I am more than happy to be able to contribute. Just save Swampert and Flaaffy for me.

Flaaffy is Electric type Pokemon introduced in Generation 2. It is a Wool Pokemon.

It resembles a pink sheep with wooly spots that stand on two legs and it uses it wool to generate, store and unleash electricity. It have a rubbery, nonconductive skin that protects it from harm by its own Electric attacks.

The orb on its tail is used to indicate when Flaaffy is fully charged on electricity.

> Stunfisk is a Electric and Ground Pokemon introduced in Generation 5.

Stunfisk is a brown flatfish with yellow fins and markings. It have an unique type combo in Electric/Ground that also means it is one of few Pokemon that is immune to one of its own type whiteout an Ability. It also have the Limber Ability, despite being close to immune to Paralysis thanks to its Ground type.

It lives at seashores where it ambushes its pray and stuns them with Electric attacks.

> Skuntank is a Poison and Dark Pokemon introduced in Generation 4. It is known as the Skunk Pokemon.

This large, purple, skunklie Pikemon can spray stinking fluid from the tip of its tail, much like the real world skunks it is based on. Due to the size of the tail it cannot see enemies coming from above.

> Diglett is a Ground Pokemon introduced in Generation 1. It is known as the Mole Pokemon.

It was the smallest of all Pokemon until Joltik came along in Gen 5 and is the only Pokemon to have a location named after it in the games, namely the Diglett's Cave. It learns many slashing moves despite not having any visible claws. It have feet, but these have never been seen or revealed. Contrary to real life moles, this small, brown, bignossed Pokemon helps farmers plow by digging perfectly tilled rows but it is vulnerable towards sunlight due to extensive underground living.

Diglett also have the second lowest HP stat of any Pokemon, surpassed only by Shedinja.

edited by
They look good so far Flafpert. Can you add a bit more describing what the Pokemon looks like and/or what it's based on. For example,
"Diglett is a small brown Pokemon based on a mole."
"Flaaffy is a pink and white Pokemon resembling a sheep, but standing on its hind legs. It has striped ears and tail."
If your taking Swampert then I'm taking Marshtomp. He's my favorite of the three.
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I'll post a sample when I can, but i'll warn now i'm pribably just interested in Politoed and Kyogre xP

I'm also pretty sure i do/can fit all of the criteria pretty well. Also, i like the look of that layout!

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I'm interested

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I would like to help. I don't usually try to speak or write with exceptional grammar, but I can when I want to. Hope you consider me!

Can I do Squirtle and Gogoat? (When it comes out)

Here is a sample description on Shuckle.

Shuckle is a Bug/Rock type introduced in Generation II. It is known as the Mold Pokemon.

Shuckle is a turtle-like Pokemon. It is noted for its high Defense and Special Defense, but it cannot attack or move very easily. Fluid from its toes can create holes in rocks, which Shuckle will use as a nest.

It stores berries in its shell. The berries eventually become a thick, delicious juice. It likes to hide quietly under rocks eating berries it has stored.

Shuckle is one of five Bug-Rock type Pokemon, making its typing quite interesting.

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I'd like to do this. I guess I'll give you an example in my comment. I think there should be a basic formula to the writing style. Maybe like the first paragraph is the basics, the type, the game origin, etc. The second is maybe origin and appearance, etc. The third could a quick fun fact.

Snorlax is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in the first generation. It is known as the "Sleeping Pokemon". In the first generation of games, two Snorlaxes are blocking the two routes leading to Fuschia City and must be woken up and then battled by playing the Poke Flute. In the second generation, Snorlax must be woken by playing the radio.

Its seen eating about 900 lbs of food a day with a diet consisting of just about anything including something poisonous, which coincides with two of it's abilities; Immunity and Gluttony. It's large tummy supports Snorlax's huge base 160 HP stat. Snorlax is also seen using it's belly as an attack or to enhance it's attack with moves like Body Slam and Belly Drum. Snorlax may be based upon a teddy bear. Snorlax consistently suffers from a food coma, which is eating to much and falling asleep.

Until the third Generation, Snorlax was the heaviest Pokemon weighing in at 1014.1 lbs (If you exclude Missingno and h POKe). The only time Snorlax is seen opening his eyes is in the 3D games such as Pokemon Stadium.

Also, if I get picked Snorlax is mine!
Good start. A few tips:
- I'd prefer starting with the sentence I said in the guidelines. i.e.
> Snorlax is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation 1. It is known as the 'Sleeping Pokemon'.
- Avoid opinionated things like "no ordinary Pokemon".
- Don't need to mention its height as that is not special. His weight is notable of course.

An extra thing that would be good to mention is Snorlax's role in the first games, i.e. blocking the route and the fact there are only 2 you can catch.
OK, so I revised it to meet your tips and standards.
Wut, I liked the big booty part. :3
I also call Manaphy!
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I'd love to help out with descriptions! Thanks for giving all us users this great oppurtunity! Id love to write an intro for any pokemon.

I'm kinda hoping I get the lotad line, for obvious reasons, but really anything works for me.
Lotad is a Water/Grass type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It is known as the Water Weed Pokemon

Lotad is a small, blue Pokemon with a relatively large green lily pad on its back. It sports six blue stubby legs and a moderately sized yellow bill.  It inhabits ponds and lakes, and on occasion may travel on land in order to find a clean pond where it can live. It is known to transport Pokemon across water on its back. Lotad is based off of lily pads, while also likely drawing inspiration from ducks or platypuses, as well as water striders.

Lotad and its evolutions are the only dual water/grass type pokemon, and as such, are the only water type Pokemon that are weak to poison type attacks.
Looks good! Only thing is to remember to capitalize the word "Pokemon" :)