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As most of you know, I've been working on a new design for PokemonDb for a while now. It ended up being quite a big rewrite, the biggest part of which is making the site work great on mobiles and tablets as well as regular computers.

And the site is nearly done! However, before it's launched properly I need to make sure everything's working correctly. Of course I will check everything myself but it's easy to miss things so it would be great if some people here took a look and let me know if they see any problems. The test site is currently at:


The post at the top of the home page tells you what's new.

Please let me know if you see anything that's not working correctly, or is missing or otherwise not right. Just post an answer with the URL (address) and a good description of what the problem is. Also, if you have a tablet like an iPad I am interested in what it looks like, as I don't have one myself. If you are able to take a photo (not a screenshot) of the new site on your tablet that would be great.

UPDATE: No need for more Pokebase testing. There are a couple of problems with the server that I need to resolve first.

Known issues (you don't need to report these):

  • A few bits on Pokebase not working 100% yet.
closed with the note: Beta is done.
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I haven't really looked at anything, it was just looking at the first page I was screaming with happiness and joy. :o
Wow!! Worked great on my Archos 7 Home Tablet. Thanks for making it! ~Jigglypuff323
I have an iPad Mini, so I'll take some screenshots and edit them into this comment once I have them uploaded :)

http://i.imgur.com/G5j1JMW.jpg The Pokedex page, looks very nice.
http://i.imgur.com/QELt5ft.jpg The site's homepage. Look good.
http://i.imgur.com/FHj6czl.jpg Some little errors with the Pokedex page (this one is Flygon's). The moves seem to lap over each other. Not sure if this is any different on a computer, so I'm just posting it.
The site is truly looking amazing PM :)
I did realize that the icon for fairy types hasn't been added to the list of types at the bottom of the page. This is just a small detail, I just thought you might want to know
Fizz, how do you get those links on an iPad? (I'm curious, because I have an iPad, too)
Click the Home Button and the Power Button at the same time to take a snapshot of your current screen. Then go to imgur.com, hit computer, and select the stuff you want from your Camera Roll.
After you upload it, click the image when it appears on the screen, and you'll get a page containing only the image. From there just copy the URL of the page and paste it into the comment :)
@Fizz I guess most people normally hold the iPad horizontally? Should I maybe make it fit a bit better on there (make it wider)? How does it look when it's vertical?
BTW you can post stuff like screenshots as answers.
Just checked it out vertically, and seems to have fixed itself. Everything looks good if I hold it like that, I'll upload a screenshot in a second :)
But yeah, I normally hold my iPad horizontally. It is more comfortable, and the keyboard is bigger, which helps a lot when I'm typing.
I believe most people do hold a tablet device horizontally. Wider screen>taller screen.
"You can *recieve* all three"
Gameplay changes, fourth paragraph.
At the bottom of the BW2 page:
"Similarly, Meloetta and Genesect are likely to be available at some point in B2W2 via events."
They're out.
The re-design looks great Pokemaster, well done!
Agreed, it looks great :3
That's amazing!
For Kindle Fire, everything is overlapping. Every picture and piece of info is overlapping with something.
Or is it just my Kindle...?
please make it work on 3ds's too. thank you
We're gonna be so cool. I kind of want to eat it.
Flare, it is probably your Kindle, or it was a temporary problem, because it's working fine on my KF.
Small thing I noticed in the dictionary (probably because you haven't written it yet :P) But the tiers NU and RU aren't there and yet you have Ubers, UU, and OU. So yeah.
@some random guy it *does* work on 3DS. If you find any pages that don't work very well, please post an answer here.
Has anyone noticed the new Favicon? (You know, the icon next to the website tab's name)
It's really cool. ;)
It looks really cool :3
Are we supposed to be able to go into the Q's yet? If we are then for some reason it says "page not found" for all Q's for me...
"UPDATE: No need for more Pokebase testing. There are a couple of problems with the server that I need to resolve first." are we close then o3o?

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uhm Pokemaster, I can't acces the site with my DS. I can chat, but anytime I post something on the chat with my 3ds it redirects me to a page that says:

{" userid": 11186","username":"DB~Valet","

And I can't see what has been posted on chat as well
Can this be fixed if possible?

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For a reason I can't edit it like how it was posted on my ds...
I don't think chat ever worked on the DS, it uses a really old browser. I think the 3DS works OK.
oh I meant 3ds the first time
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The user bar has slight runoff.

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The stuff overlaps.

The moveset searcher has a textbox off the white portion of the page:

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This textbox also happens in the Login.
Maybe it's just my computer...
It didn't do that to me when I went to the pages
It works for my computer but not my tablet
It isn't for me.
not for me either
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The AR Markers in the AR Marker list are all of center (phone).
The foreward/backward button on the game pages melt into the title (phone).
The TM list gets slightly of center when zooming out on all the TM pages (phone).
The Medal list gets slightly of center when zooming out (phone)

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Thanks, the latter two should now work properly on mobile, and so should all tables across the site (except Pokedex pages).
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Found three minor problems :P

  • The ">" isn't making an appearance
  • Example

  • The preview for editing questions doesn't appear

  • Example

  • Didn't screen shoot this one but when you hide a question/answer the reshow button is almost invisible :(

All this on an iPhone :P

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enter image description here

Search bar is not in the right place.

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Have you tried reloading the page? You probably don't have the latest version of the stylesheet.
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I can favorite questions and answers, but not Tags. I don't know how to get a screenshot of that..

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Perhaps the Beta DB Chat needs resizing? The chat posts run off the page.


Also, can we do something about the Users Online box and all that stuff we currently have on the side of the current chat? On the beta site, it's all at the bottom, thus making it difficult to see who is on.


Also, Users list also has the problem of stuff running off the page


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The Users Box isn't at the bottom for me... but I'm using a computer, so maybe it's different on something else :|
Dang it, is everyone on this site on small screens? My web stats said there were hardly any...
I'm on computer..
It's the resolution of your monitor, which is 1024x768. My stats said there weren't many people using that so I made the site a bit wider by default, with a thinner version for tablets. So you are seeing the tablet version.
I was actually on my computer, and i recall that StarPower and Scizornician were both on and said they had this problem as well, and they're on Iphone.