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A "license" feature

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You know how on a license you start with a number of points and if you break a driving law you lose some and if you run out you get your license revoked. Well I think this should be in this site. When you make an account you start with a certain number of points and every time you break a rule eg. Profanity, Spam you lose points. Also some people can gain points by good behavior.

Hope you consider it :)

Sincerly: Speed Freak

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Not a bad idea. SF you are always trying to improve this site you know
That is a wonderful idea, no lie.
l think this would be awesome!

This should be put to great use since we're starting to get a lot of rule breakers nowadays.
Nice idea Sf, it sounds pretty legit.

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Do you mean just on the chat? Because profanity and spam is not allowed on questions and answers and should get down voted if they have it. And therefore lose points.

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mainly in the chat and commnents