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Username changes are now finished until December 1st.

As per our new system, it will soon be time to allow username changes once again!

Name Rater

The ability to change your username starts on Monday, September 2nd and run until Sunday, September 8th (probably early evening GMT but could be any time Sunday).

Since the time period is shorter than before I have opened this thread to give everyone a heads-up. In the meantime you can also use this thread to poll for a new username if you like - post an answer with the options and others can comment on their favourite name.

When you have changed your username, please post an answer saying what your old username was so that people know you are/were. Please refrain from changing your username multiple times during the period. Temporary bans may be given out for people abusing the privilege.


Really sorry guys, I forgot to open the username changes Saturday and was out all day Sunday. But registrations are now open and will last until Sunday to make sure people have the weekend.

To update your username, go to My Account, put the name in the box and save. Note there are some restrictions to usernames:

  • Usernames may not contain Pokemaster in them.
  • You may not use these three characters: @ + /
  • Invisible characters are not allowed.
  • The maximum number of characters is 20 in a username.

TL;DR: Usernames are open for changing until September 8th. Don't change multiple times. Answer with your old username when changed.

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I think it's worth mentioning that the character limit is 20 characters, Pokemaster. Just saying. :3
Mine is 14 Characters.
how does it work?
@HydraPika, it hasn't started yet, but when it does go to your 'My Account' section and go to the first text box on the page - it will say 'hydrapika5'. You can change it, click 'Save Changes', blah blah blah, and you're done! :D

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I finally decided:
CluelessFirehorse to ----> CluelessPonyta
Maybe I'll evolve one day

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pokelinkxfx to pokelink

1 vote

TooJosh4U --> Jaeioush

Even though TooJosh4U was a great Youtube advertisement.. *Commerical smile + thumbs up

;) *commercial wink at end*
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YESSS I made it.

Stellar Lucario >>> [MEGA]StellarLucario

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Ziggy Girl to...


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I like Harmocoon :) It sounds... like a combo of "harmony" and "Zigzagoon". I definitely know the second part is what it is, but I'm not sure about "harmony"?
Well, anyway, before I digress, Harmocoon is what I vote for :3
Harmocoon. It sounds so... soothing. :3
You might want to look up what "coon" means before changing your name to that :D
...Oh, I just looked it up. Erm... I don't know what to say exactly now :o
I don't wanna look it up now. >.< xD
Rofl lmao
roflolmao : Suicoon
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What? Gastly is evolving! Dramatic music... Congratulations! GastlyGhost evolved into HaunterGhost!

Clever. Real clever. So... wanna trade names? (pun intentional) xD
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DemonFlygon -> DemonFlygawne

Thank you so much :D