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When I click my recent activity page, it says "Page not found", then when I click something else, it says some weird thing, then error 404. But if I see the "Page not found" thing, and I click back, everything is back to normal(ish), but it still says "page not found". Also the same thing happens when I view my wall, all answers, all questions, that stuff. So can somebody help me?

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I bet it's 'cos you have the hashtag in your name. If someone has a special character in their name some places may be inaccessible.
This happens when there are certain characters in your username. The hash in your name is causing this to happen. The same thing happened to Trust & Betrayal before he changed his name to Lust; the 'and' symbol in his name caused it to happen.
I'm quite inexperienced with web addresses and how they work, so this is about all I can tell you I'm afraid.
K thanks

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I have fixed this now :)

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