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Hey pm points glitch

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For some reason in Pokebase Q&A I lost 20 points while I was gone for 2 weeks, please fix it.

Yoshi23= Ssj Magikarp

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you got 2 downvotes while you were gone, it's not a glitch

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Hello Ssj Magikarp.

I'm sorry about your 20 point loss, but that is just how this site works. If you get an upvote you get 10 points, if you get a downvote you lose 10 points.

>I've completely rewritten this answer to list the exact points you get for each thing, since it's changed many times since this question was asked. Here we go.

  • All users start with 20 points. Think of it like a sign-up bonus ;)
  • If your question or answer is up-voted, you gain 10 points.
  • If your question or answer is down-voted, you lose 10 points.
  • Having your answer selected as the best gives you 20 points.
  • Selecting an answer as the best on your question gives you 2 points.
  • Down-voting a post loses you 2 points (this is to discourage people downvoting for no reason).
  • If a post is hidden, points gained from upvotes are lost, but points lost from downvotes stay, they do not come back. However, the -2 from downvoting gets returned eventually I think.

posted by Pokemaster May 22, 2010

Also this could be useful for you.



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