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Have an actual way to rate teams from 1-10

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"and because im stupid :]"

Effort for no reason whatsoever. There's also a total system for how good you are: points.
the entire point of RMT is really to improve the team, I don't think an actual number would help.
Yeah ok, this is the sort of feedback i was expecting anyway, now i just have to wait for an answer.
You can use the comments as an answer you know. If you know it's bad and will almost definitely get disapproved, don't bother just waiting around ¬.¬

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According to the comments section, this is not going to happen.

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BA your own answer :P
not what I mean't, but enjoy those delicious 2 points
You wanted me to hide it, but there's no reason to that in the odd chance Pokemaster will actually consider this.
I never said to hide it :P. I just said to not bother waiting for an answer.