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there are waaaay too many questions that have the best answers but the person who asked the question never select an answer, i am talking about question that were there 4 years and never got a selected answer, is it possible that mods could select a answers, so people witch answers correct or not.

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Mods can select best answer and do so if the answer deserves it. These are called BA sprees. The reason some people don't BA is because they aren't aware of the BA functioning as the tick isn't that noticeable.

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could you make it bigger then???
Won't really make a difference tbh. Most people would assume that it's just there as a decoration.
And honestly if you're talking about posts from years ago, it really doesn't matter with BAs. Votes do the job well enough.
Do they include these old posts in their sprees?
Each  mod does it differently so some may include old posts.
Why not have a sub-heading next to 'All Activity', 'Questions' and 'Unanswered' that redirects you to a list of questions without a BA making it easier for Mods to do BA sprees and giving users the chance to put forward an answer for questions in which their are not many votes/answers.

I got BA recently on a question in which no answers had more than 0 votes for a question that was asked on February 2011. I have no up-votes because no-one really goes on old posts but my answer got BA and the other answers (most had negative votes) were removed/hidden.
If nobody goes on BA sprees, then the "no selected answer" list will be filled with already resolved posts and be pointless.