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This is my last push, as well as most others.


Every. Single. Mod. Works. Every. Single. Mod. Is. American.

We Can't do this alone. We need them. I work 10s, and DT goes to College. Mike has school, Will is up to his own stuff and the rest are busy with other things. Fizz is our only active Editor.

  • Fondant
  • $tarPower
  • Aeternis
  • Fizz to Moderator.
  • Consider having Sempiternus go from Expert to Moderator. Dude is awesome and really deserves it.

All of these users have been at CONSTANT work fixing things up.

Doing this would cover practically every timezone and fill in for the busy guys. These users are all very qualified for staff in my eyes and many others. They take way more than enough time out of their day to flag and edit things.

I understand you are super busy, but if this can go through then we don't have to worry about being inactive as much.


This is all based on what I know. Any of the other staff can feel free to edit.

Me - I'm fairly active. I check the site twice a day to approve, if I'm not busy, I head to the server / DB Chat and hang out. I'm not very active on the weekends.

&Psychic x - Active.

DT - Busy with College, so in the same boat as me. Fairly active.

trachy - trachy seems fairly inactive. I see him posting on his wall, but I haven't seen anything else. Nothing that calls for a demotion, though.

Mewderator - Mew has been busy with school. I think he graduated. (Congrats, dude.) Inactive, but based on his recent activity on the server I think he is back. Wouldn't say it is confirmed.

Will - Will's busy with all sorts of things. I haven't seen him, maybe someone else has. Inactive.

Aura Warrior - Kyron mentioned before his Internet was out, so this might be the same case. I do believe he can be demoted. He isn't active.

the_netts - Same boat as Mew. I think he is back to stay.

Fizz is really active.

DarthDestiny is active? Haven't seen him. It seems that he is back very suddenly. Haven't seen him on chat or anything.

All the other editors are inactive.

It is worth noting that the majority of people up there are in UTC - 5.

Fondant, $tarPower, Aeternis, Fizz, and Sempiternus are all active. It's worth mentioning that Sempiternus is more than others.

3/7 Moderators are decently active, possibly 4. I think 2 more is good.

2/7 editors are active, possibly 3. 3 more is good.

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Really? Damn, okay. Well, that's a shame. I really do think we need them.
More bump. OR/AS are here now, and there's a huge amount of posts in the admin, and a lot of them are really bad. I'm seeing stuff that was posted over 10 hours ago there. We need editors.
Ninja which Editors are you saying are active? It looks to me like the_netts, Fizz and DarthDestiny are all active.
And Blobyolo, Josh, Swampert, and Speed freak are all inactive.
DarthDestiny pops in now and again. the_netts (Ben) has stated that he is back and will be more active from now on.
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Hey, sorry for leaving this so long. I will try and sort this out asap. Has anything changed in the past couple of months? Looks like $tarPower has not been very active recently.

Fontdant, Aeternis and Sempiternus look like good candidates for Editors due to their timezones.

How are we set for Moderators? Looks like Aura Warrior is not very active any more so one promotion there would be good. I don't want to add too many Editors/Mods at once though.

It should be noted that most of the current editors are inactive
Not all of them
I'm surprised no one is commenting about PM finally answering? You were begging for him to respond.

Fizz for Mod though, with Star, Fondant and Sempi as Editors. That works well.
Fizz deserves mod, always on and non-american which covers time zones
the_netts, Fizz and DarthDestiny are all active Editors. I think the others may get demoted for now.