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I personally think that spoilers could be quite useful, especially when new games come out, as people could put things in spoilers to prevent spoiling the game for other people. Occasionally, I can figure out a way to reword a question/answer so it doesn't spoil things, but there are more that I can't reword than that I can reword.

Also, I think that tables would be useful, as I have, multiple times, been answering a question and had to take a little bit longer to figure out how to do it, when using a table could make it much quicker.

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I like to use spoilers for long and boring chunks of text.
I agree these would be really great additions. For the time being you can add a sort of pseudo-table by using code blocks. I can't really show what I mean using a comment, but if you add four spaces before your line of text, everything will be written in plaintext which means you can add spaces for consistent position control (try it yourself, you'll figure it out).

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