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Since we're once again making an effort to revive tournaments, I think this could help. Posting in all 3 sections will attract the different users and hopefully give us a few more participants. Not everyone uses metabase as much as we do. cough me fizz sumwun cough

Realised that it might be confusing when it comes to signing up, but we can just have in big bold letters as a BA 'CLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN UP DON'T POST AN ANSWER HERE'

Had an idea that the sign ups are on a Google Form instead. Probably easier to be honest.

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I'd also like if the room intro on our Showdown! server advertised tournaments, but I guess this idea is easier to implement.
Hmm I think I like our traditional format with people responding to the post over a Google form. It was always kind of fun seeing who was signing up, and people to used to decorate their sign-up responses which was cool. I’d encourage something like that.
For the suggestion though, I really like the idea of posting a thread in the main section that we bump and change the title of whenever something important happens in Meta. Tournaments would be one of many things we could post there. Though I think the best solution for this is to publicise the Meta/RMT sections more.
Does anyone remember how tournaments used to be advertised before they sort of died?
We'll keep current format but if people get confused then we'll switch to forms.

So....that's a yes I'm hearing? :D

Tours weren't really advertised. we just had way more users wanting to take part in them. Tours would hit their 16 users within a few hours and people would be sad that they weren't quick enough to join (like me ;~;).
That's interesting. Does anyone know why more people liked tournaments back then?
It’s less to do with people not liking tournaments now, and more to do with general activity being a lot lower than it was back then. The Showdown server was also a lot more active years ago.
Back then, all of this was achieved without any advertising (so to speak) except for the normal meta thread going up. In reality, the biggest factor to getting tournaments back up again is getting this entire site back up again. I have more discussion threads coming that will relate to this.
Maybe we should be looking at ways to encourage new users to stay, thereby giving us more activity in the Database and more participants in tourneys.

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