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sometimes when i go answering a question by the time im finished typing somebody like DT has already answered resorting me to hide my answer yet both of them are correct including the hidden one. I mean put it to this experts answer the majority of questions but how about giving others a chance and see how it turns out

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It wouldn't be DT's fault if he answered before you. It just means he started answering before you or is faster at typing. It's not like people who answer before you are being particularly spiteful in any way.
Tyson, I'm pretty sure this happens to everyone.  It's happened to me before.  They're  allowed to answer questions.  We all are.  It's not a big deal.
DT does that to me too but it is fine you dont need to hide it.
I'm not "stealing" your answers...If there's nothing there, how am I supposed to know you are answering it? I'm not doing this to anyone. It's an unavoidable thing that happens to everyone. The important thing is that the question was answered, right?
In the tag, I love how you spelled Pokebase wrong.

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If someone answered while you were typing that is no reason to hide your answer. Your answer could easily be better (even though DT is an editor) and get more votes.

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