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sometimes appears this error on the site is it server issues

when i scroll down it appears "Bad gateway" so wasn't the server itself that is giving errors?

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This is still happening currently. The site will operate as normal for some time, but then this error will start appearing again most times you attempt to load a page. The page reports it as a 502 error.
Took a bunch of attempts to get this comment to submit.

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Did it just start tonight? We’ve been having some issues with a DoS (denial of service) attack again. Basically some bot trying to download hundreds of pages per second.

I’ve changed some settings that should keep the b***ards out, but let me know if you keep getting errors. I’ll check again tomorrow... I need sleep now :)

Yep. This thread was posted six hours ago and it was first reported through our Discord six hours ago too.
EDIT: Errors still occurring half an hour later.
Dirty Ddos attackers.