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It's that time again!

Pokemon Name Rater

If you would like to change your username, you can do so very soon. As usual this thread is open for a few days before the names can be changed, to give everyone time to see they are coming. You may also wish to post an answer asking for others' opinions on possible names you're considering.

Username changes will open Friday 24th April and close Sunday 26th.

Username restrictions:

  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' or any profanity in them.
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.

You will keep the username you choose for another six months, so ensure that the name you choose is one that you like!

Name changes are now closed.

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Oh okay, thank you!
they close on sunday. are they still open on sunday and thats just the last day, or is saturday the last day?
@ItsYaBoiFlareon I usually close it Monday morning UK time, which is Sunday evening USA time. Make sure to do it before then!
Got it, thanks!

18 Answers

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Jimmy -> cranpper

This is why PM promoted me. So I can deal with people like you. You're going to regret you did that.
Hey, HT, guess what? +1 vote
I love that this is the most upvoted answer on this thread.
It's the choice of users, Isn't it?
yes its the choice of the user... what is your point?
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I’ve always waited for this!

KirbyCuteKing! -> KirbyKing (Or KirbyKing0)

6 votes

Molthree -----> NebbyY

prefer it over my name rn and NebbyY is my main Showdown username and my avatar is a Cosmog so might as well have it themed :D

Nooooooo... How can I make the articone joks without you???
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I've decided to go from Multivee to Jason the Sly Nicvee because I love Nickit AND Eevee!

Today is my actual B-day. :D
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Yes, DelphoxOracle. Thx again for your suggestions.
I'm REALLY trying to find an image of a fusion between Eevee and Nickit, but I can't find one...! D:

Edit: found it. It's not technically a fusion, but it'll do.
happy Birthday!
Thx, IYBF.
You're welcome, JtSN
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CrazyCradily --> CC ™

Edit: Can't believe I'm doing this but I'll go with CC ™ due to the comments. I guess I work for px now since he started the ™'s.

not gonna lie, the ™ is cool
hehe bye for now

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CCrz sounds nice.
CC. easier to type :P
Join the two lett r name gang. Or do CC tm
CCtm for da win
I agree actually. Go with CC ™
CC® ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
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Agent 3 -----> ♥ ~P e k o c h u~ ♥

It's the name of a video game character I like, mixed with Pikachu. Suggestion by iloveflareon, soon to be ItsYaBoiFlareon.

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That's actually kind of cute! Should I set this up as a name suggestion?
sure! :)
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Galarian Ponyta ---> Marvelous Metroid
Since I'm known as that mostly everywhere. But I'm open to suggestions.

EDIT: I changed my mind, I'm just gonna be Metroid from now on.

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wheres the marvelous bit?
I thought about logging in and having to type "Marvelous Metroid", so instead I made it nice and simple.
Meh, I like "Metroid" more anyways. More simple.
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Please change my name from [MEGA]StellarLucario to [G-Max] Stellar Lucario. The Mega's time has passed, so has this era of me.

Thanks, Flareon. Btw, if there's not enough space, you can mash Stellar Lucario together like it was.

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Yeah! {G-Max}StellarLucario, that would rule.
Not a bad suggestion, Flareon.
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DelphoxOracle ——> Meliodas

After binge-watching all 3 seasons of the Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix, Meliodas is my new favorite anime character (sorry Zorua, but it’s true) so I’m just going to be using that name for the next six months unless someone has a better suggestion for the theme of this name (like Demon Boy, or Sin of Wrath). Just comment if you’ve got a suggestion.

Meliodas got more votes than Sin of Wrath, so I'll be using Meliodas as my nickname for the next six months. I'll save Sin of Wrath for the next name changes. For the one after that, I was thinking Commandment of _____. The problem with that is I don't think it was ever mentioned what Meliodas's Commandment was when he was with the Ten Commandments... Maybe I'll just invent one and use the name Commandment of Loyalty? Actually, I kind of like that one. Guess I already know what my next two name changes will be :)
You didn't change my username, Pokemaster! It's at the top of my answer. Come to think of it, you also forgot Rayquaza's new name. It's one or two answers below mine.
Uh, Pokémaster doesn't change your name, he just makes it possible to change it for two or three days. You were supposed to go to your your profile, click edit, then change your name. :P
Somebody should have mentioned that!
Well, you should have asked. :P
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Mister Doctor ---> Azelfeo


Azelf's my favorite of the Lake Trio. :)
I liked the Mister Doctor name. It was funny and inspired!
Cool & thanks!
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I've been waiting...

Iloveflareon -> ItsYaBoiFlareon

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Want to see what destruction looks like? Here it is, in Pokemon form!
Nevermind. Uncultured Piloswine like you will never understand me.
wow how kind
Guzma will forever be our boi. :P
How about
I also kind of like
btw i won the flareons new name contest that was in chat with that name :)
yes you did
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RobloxianSceptile -> SpillThePolteageist

Cherrim is cool, but I've done some thinking and decided to embrace my british culture. Hail Polteageist.

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how cheery
Noooooooooo RobloxianSceptile pleeaaaaaaaaaaase
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Guess what? I know someone who works for Gamefreak, and they gave me a leak: Galarian Rayquaza! It's electric and flying type, has lowered attack and raised special attack and speed, and has a new signature move: Thunder Ascent! It's special and has 120 power 100 accuracy and lowers your defence and special defence by one stage. It's gonna be in the shield and sword expansion pass.

reshown by
While I doubt the truthfulness of the leak, it's not a bad name. Though I have to ask, why's there a series of numbers at the end of your name?
I heard that it was already released, lurking somewhere in the legendary trio of this Generation...
My dad owns nintendo and told him this
nice (filler)
The numbers might change.
Oh. Dang.
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I'm looking for new name ideas. Please help if you want.

Name yourself bignoob69420
That's a horrible name
personally, i like X-blade or Swords or anything in that criteria. Maybe Mega-Blade X
I like that. I might use it.
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Flowersun --> Glazio Kawaii

Why not? :)

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If it's still open, I would like to have my username changed from Savitar ----> KyokaSuigetsu

You change your name manually by going on edjt profile and typing where your username is already displayed. This thread only exists so people can keep track of name changes. Unless kf course they changed it during my ban.
Oh found it. Thanks
2 votes

KitkatKK2 —> KitKåtKK2
It’s kinda subtle, but I like it. It might change again though. Suggestions are welcome!

2 votes

MegaEveeLution to Serena_The_Sylveon

The time of Mega Evolution has passed, sadly.

I still like Serena, though.