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Username changes are now closed until the autumn.

It comes around so quickly, doesn't it? It's name change time!

Pokemon Name Rater

If you would like to change your username, you can do so very soon. As usual this thread is open for a few days before the names can be changed, to give everyone time to see they are coming. You may also wish to post an answer asking for others' opinions on possible names you're considering.

Username changes will open Saturday 3rd April and close Monday 5th.

Username restrictions:

  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' or any profanity in them.
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.

You will keep the username you choose for another six months, so ensure that the name you choose is one that you like!

If you change your name, please post an answer below with both your old name and new name, so other members know who has changed. Thanks!

closed with the note: Closed until autumn
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Yeah how do I change my username?
I think it will roll out later, or Pokemaster just forgot
*Jeopardy theme song*
It truly was april fools....
Sorry for the delay, I've opened the changes now. I think it's technically still Friday somewhere ;)

44 Answers

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Swastik --> Frozen Inferno 火

Thanks to Xurkit for the idea. Originally Frigid Inferno but I liked Frozen more. It's also based on one of my Showdown! friend's name "Fierce Inferno." Reference to Kyurem-White so that's cool :D

Why do people call a chinese word a chinese symbol/glyph? A word is a word.

@swastik what are we suppose to call u now?
Call me nothing :]
Hi nothing :]]
That's the symbol that fire blast used
Icy Hot
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Xurkit ---> BeastMaster™

Xurkit was a name for one ultra beast. I considered going for a name like Guzz or Poipoii (That's TY's suggestion), but I love all the UBs equally, so that's the reason I want to go with this name. Yay

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join me son
I refuse to sin.
Tee Em
Remove the Tm
no more tee em
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~Chocolatte~ —> ~BanditTheYveltal~

I’m going back to Y :D

Bandit is my Yveltal that I’m obsessed with. And I’m keeping the squiggly trend alive. Yay ❤️

Oh also open to suggestions I’m not 100% sure on this one yet and I’m not creative so yeah suggestions are appreciated lol

Ok so I just realized hOw LoNg It WoUlD tAkE mE tO lOg In

So I might shorten it to ~Bandit~ idk is that stupid

Oh and if you want to torture me alive soy burger will be an option


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Yay back to Y :D
Not very creative, but...
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A typical glance. --> A usual glimpse.

I kinda promised to change my username to A usual glimpse. in the last name changes but i didn't for some reason. I'm definitely changing it to A usual glimpse. until the next name changes.

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Huh, neat.
Atg getting away with duplicate answer.
when the impostor changes his name to something synonymous with his current name :flushed:!!111!
When Wwooperiority is funny! :flushed: :flushed:!!!!!!!! 111111!!!111¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡111
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I might as well answer this for someone to reference if they need it.
☆SleepyDreepy☆ -----evolves into---->☆DrowsyDrakloak☆

(Also crap I need to work on my sleeping drakloak picture)

Next: ☆DreamingDragapult☆
I was planning on dozingdragapult but I might do that
Where star symbol
It made my name go onto two lines for chat
Which is illegal
Why is it illegal?
My name also goes on two lines for chat :O
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Giga~Blade X ---> Omega-Blade X

The Omega is the end of everything, the finality of all.

Pointless pretentious quotes aside, I quite like Omega, so this is what we're going with for the next six months!

In 6 months do Infinity (infinity symbol here) Blade X
What do you think about using "Ω" as Ωmega-Blade X? I think it matches Omega Ruby nicely lol.
∞~Blade X
Infinity∞Blade X
sUcH pRetEntIouS noNseNse

With that being said, I’d highly consider

Zyaioapspspsp-Blade X

It’s a name of utmost power, meaning, and superiority
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TY ™ ---> ™ TY

Very creative, what do you guys think?

Perfect name it's amazing
incredible, truly an excellent name choice
I think you should keep your old username
Flawless...Absolutely Magnificent
Really sets itself apart from TY ™. :P
I think it's very creative of course. What else?
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I'm changing mine to ELLIS DEE lol

lmfao what a great name
Omg yessss we should eat Indonesian donuts to celebrate this
From this I can tell you've been doing your meth homework
We have to crack down on your bad math grades
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Hoennseptile--------------> Hoenndragon
This is because sceptile sucks in competitive ;(
But you guys can keep calling me sep or hoenn :)
Also Hoenndragon is Salamance my 2nd favourite Pokémon and it's in my favourite format GeN 7 ubers! Not to mention I use it a lot ;)

POG Hoenn's Dragon (Raychuacha really lol)
Sceptile sucks? Hv u never heard of the LIZARD
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im changing it back to iloveflareon please the cringe why did i do this to myself in the first place aaaaaaaaaa

The w instead of r is cute though
Lemme be honest:
In my personal opinion, iloveflareon is a bit more cringe than flaweon
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After being sealed in the void for 6 months (something about raging at a Zangoose or smth), Da Viper is coming back! (That does mean I'll be "spamming" sup in chat, but w h o c a r e s ? : )

I'm also thinking Primal Pain, or my favorite name suggestion, Shadow Viper.

Yay da viper is back.
Definitely shadow viper
I vote for Da Viper
I vote Shadow Viper
da viper
I'm prob gonna go for Da Viper, and do Shadow Viper next time. Thanks all.
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PrimordialSea sounds really cool :)
I can't call you PK anymore that's sad >:(
Pizzaprimal is good.
Then I'll call you pp >:)
I’m still gonna call you pk
Because what’s fun without torturing your friend?
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I would like to change my username for the first time ever.

Hex > Xos

Edit: I chose a different variation, ZXOS. Similar, but I felt it fits me better. :)

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Xos, nice one uwu
Thanks uwu!
Honestly, I say just stick with this, but if you must, then Nerdy Nina works. Keep in mind I use nerd as a compliment
What a great idea. You didn't mean Nerdy Ninja though, did you?
@Hex I believe the comment you're responding to was meant for another answer, which was accidentally converted to a comment on yours :P
Thanks for clarifying that, pal. It did seem slightly off-beat, if you catch my meaning.
Glad we got that sorted.
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Changing it to An Asocial Moth. Inverse of a social butterfly.

Don't really have much more to say tbh.

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Porygon-Zangoose ---> ManectricMadness

I've been liking this new name idea I had for a little while. Also hits well with my grav, don't you think?

I like Porygon-Zangoose. It is fun. Also if you decide to keep your username just change your grav.
ManectricMadness gives off different vibes than Porygon-Zangoose, and I personally think it fits better!
5 votes
  • Lizzy
  • Kyogre71

Not sure which yet. Lizzy "matches" my best friend's nickname (Proxy), is a derivative of my middle name, and I think it sounds nice and simple. On the other hand, I kinda want to go back to the original. What do y'all think?

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Kyogre71 is better imo, it's more..iconic
I vote Kyogre71
I vote for the "Or"
Oh my gosh yes, "Or" is definitely the name for me
they did it-
;) (Filler)
5 votes

X-Scizor —> PsyKlone or PsyKlops, whichever gets the most support in the comments (assuming this gets any comments)

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PsyKlone sounds cool.
I personally love PsyKlone but both are really cool
I vote PsyKlone :)
I think you should go with the first
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youll never guess who i named it after

4 votes

I'm gonna change mine to either First Sinner, Lost Raven or Satan Himself. At least I still have time to think about this

Anyone else thinks it's kinda sus that this came out on april first or is it just me being on a different timezone?

I changed mine to First Sinner

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That's probably you in a different time zone, it's March 31 where I am.
for me its still march 31st lol
Me too
It's 7:20 AM for me, March 31st, just you lol
It’s 1:39 PM March 31 for me right now; I’m in EST.
Oh. I guess that's just me living in asia then
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Thunder Clapper™ ---> Thunder Clapper


You finally came to your senses and decided to remove the ™. I'm proud of you.
I've decided that awhile ago but thanks lol
Yeah, ™ kinda bland when you could have ~. :P