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Can Experts or mods or editors or even the asker choose the best answer for the moveset questions ? cause there is a lot of answers and people (me) don’t know which one is the best.

how would this be determined? by the number of votes? there is no way to really tell what the best moveset is for each and every Pokemon
Use if you really want good movesets. Those ones pass quality control checks before uploading to the Strategy Dex.

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It's our long-standing policy not to select a best answer for moveset threads. There is a multitude of reasons for this:

  • There is no such thing as a 'best moveset'. Many movesets for the same Pokemon can be viable and worth your time reading. This is especially true given that the moveset threads encompass many different battle formats.
  • Even if there was a concrete best moveset for every Pokemon, nobody is to say the mods would be able to pick it out consistently, or that there wouldn't be debate over which set is best.
  • The voting system should reveal the best sets to you -- and where it doesn't, we'd rather be fixing the voting system than selecting answers (which is pretty much a band-aid solution).
  • Keeping ~500 threads up-to-date with the true best movesets pinned to the top sounds very taxing.
  • Choosing the best moveset sounds like a recipe for arguments, bitterness, jealousy, and everything else we really don't like as mods.

If you want to find the best moveset answers, look for ones that:

  • state the battle format that the set is designed for.
  • explain the role of the set, how it should be used in battles, and how it is best supported.
  • don't settle for extremely surface-level analysis like 'Swords Dance to raise Attack'.
  • prove that the set is effective using relevant examples from the metagame.
  • use Showdown-importable syntax.

Unfortunately, there aren't many genuinely great responses on our moveset threads, especially the old ones. So be discerning and choose the best-explained responses. If you're trying to learn competitive Pokemon, you should probably read Smogon analyses instead.

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