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Well I Thought That On Battle-Subway, Meta, And Pokebase Q&A When You Click Your User Name It Gives You The Information Of Your Account And Your Score For That Section And All The Questions/Answers You Have Done. If So Why When I Click My Name On Meta It Sends Me To PokeBase Q&A And Gives Me The Information, Score, And All The Questions/Answers i Did for Q&A? Im Trying to Explain Best As I Can:|

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It is like that, don't worry. The link that you have to go to to see your Meta points is
Points in the Meta currently have no use, so don't worry about having really low points.

Now, if you have 2000 points on Meta, you become a Meta Expert. You will be able to:

  • Voting on questions
  • Voting on answers
  • Editing any question
  • Editing any answer
  • Flagging posts

Also, you can now click on your Gravatar while on Meta to access your Meta profile.

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Thanks MeW2011 I Just Wanted To Make Sure It Was Normal And I Wasnt Able To Ask Questions On Q&A So I Wanted To Make sure Everything Was Alright AnyWay Thanks Again:}
Yep this is right. When I first did the new section I forgot to turn off the meta users links. Also MrShadow....don't start every single word with a capital letter. Sentences start with a capital letter (and proper names like Pokemon) but not every word! It does make it more difficult to read.
Yea ok