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Sometimes when you post on someone’s wall, mainly someone popular (like Fizz) many people will post more and more and there will be a chance the wall-post reader will miss it.
Also for the walls. Walls are all public and you could want to say something in private to them (unless they have Discord, so that’s all right)

Just saying, this could be scrapped and closed.

I agrees with HT. That's true! Several abnormal incidents may happen like... sharing abusive/misleading contents and threatening people. If a system like this was introduced, right?

But wait.... What if Mods can see such personal messages?
Moderators having access to private messages would no longer make them private. If someone were to talk about personal information, it would be weird for us to have it, even if we obviously wouldn't do anything bad with that information it's still weird.
Maybe PM can only see it, not if he would want to. I mean, it’s like he has our emails or something.
PM isn't on enough to solve any issues that might happen in private messages.
Yes true.

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