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I know that once you hit the 6000 point threshold then you immediately become an expert, but there are some users that are way below that mark and still experts, for example cranper has less than 200 points more than me and is an expert. So what are the qualifications to become an expert?

I believe it used to be pretty hard to get 6k points, so people who made quality posts, didn't break the rules, etc., would become Experts even if they didn't have the required points.

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If you contribute to the community lots, make high quality posts on the Q&A and do so for a reasonable period of time, then we will give you expert on your merits even if you don't have 6,000 points. There is no specific set of requirements -- staff just decide what they think is good when it comes time to do promotions.

This process was/ would have been more relevant between 2015 and 2019 when there were less new questions coming through and 6,000 points was relatively difficult to get.

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Ok thanks