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Note: I know this question has already been asked, however, the answer only puts the values for red, yellow and green, and I've seen other colors on the bars, like orange(inbetween red and yellow), dark greeen(above regular green.), and even blue.(as far as I'm aware, this is the highest color.) So please put the value for all the colors please. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, and Blue.

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Stat bar? What's that?
You know, on the pages for Pokémon, the bars that are for the Base Stats, is it called something else?

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Red: Very Bad (1 - 29)
Orange: Bad (30 - 59)
Yellow: Bad - Mediocre (60 - 89)
Green: Decent - Good (90 - 119)
Dark Green: Very Good (120 - 149)
Blue: Phenomenal (150 - 255)

Source: Checking ranges of stats and common sense

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For an BA, if you can, can you give me the exact values, the other answer said things like, red was 0-69, and stuff like that, that's what I want, thanks.
Sorry, I forgot to thank you for adding the values, thanks.