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There are over three hundred answers to the Battle Replay thread, and most are just people reposting again and again. Can we condense all replays by the same user into one post, and if they want to add more, they edit the large post so the thread doesn't get a colossal amount of answers again?

Very minor, but my weird self is illogically annoyed by the sheer amount of posts on that thread when it doesn't need to be that way.

I think this is a really good idea, personally.
Yes please. Personally, I do this and it is much more convenient to a bunch of your battles in a single post than to search through the entire thread looking for a single replay.
If we were to condense, my idea is to condense the answers which has same no. of upvotes, as one may be interesting, but the different replay in the same answer may be boring...
I personally don't think that would be a good idea, because without further specification, it would just be trickier to tell who posted what replay. Additionally, I feel that grouping them by person gives a better level of organization than organizing by votes.
I was asking about grouping of replays by person and atleast one vote... nvm it would be more complicated.

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Yes. I added an instruction about this to the post.

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Thank you so much lol
Is it fine for me to edit all/most of a user's replays into one post once I get expert? I think it would make the thread look more neat but I'm not sure if everyone would like it if I do that.
Yep, no problem. I should have been clearer, but this is also permission for you guys to start doing that if you want. If you can't hide posts, maybe mark the "unneeded" posts in some way as well, so we can quickly skim and hide the posts.