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I'm just curious about the inner workings of the website.

After some digging on Q2A (the system the the Pokebase sections are built from), I found that the inner workings of the Q&A portions of the site use PHP and SQL, while the front end is handled by HTML, JavaScript, and CSS (which are standard for websites and browsers).
As for the database part of the site, the front end also uses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, but I'm not sure what languages the inner workings would use, or if it's different from the Q&A portion. PHP and SQL are notable for being good at database management, though, so if I had to guess, I'd say those two are likely.
All of the above is correct. This page confirms the site proper is also PHP+MySQL:

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KRLW's comment is accurate, so I'll put something here to take this off the unanswered list. PokeBase uses software called Q2A, which is written using PHP and JavaScript. It uses a MySQL database to store/query data. It is open source, so you can see the source code here.

PHP code operates on a web server and generates HTML webpages, which the server then sends to you. PHP uses SQL to retrieve posts from a database. JavaScript handles user interactivity with the webpage, e.g. opening and closing fields, expanding comments, submitting posts, etc.

The main website works similarly, as indicated on the about page.

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