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Ayup. This is a Gen 8 OU Tournament. As the name suggests, this is.....gen 8 OU. Overused is a Smogon tier hosted on This is a good link to find some good information about the tier if you're new:


  • Standard OU Rules
  • The link sent has clauses, and all of the rules


  • It will be hosted here:
  • If a matchup gets too long, y'all can forfeit and start another one
  • Teams can be switched between battles
  • Matchups are, in fact, randomized


Save your replays

How to sign up

EST (GMT -4)
3 am only (this is random so I'll do what I want)
Double Elimination

After sign ups, I'll read it and see if you guys are cool (double elimination) or cool (single elimination).

The deadline is 9/25/21 GMT to sign up.

When the battle is finished with your opponent, send the replay in the comments of the round of the battle. If I faced Primordial Sea (Who would destroy me) in round 1, and I won, I would post the replay and something else under the round 1 answer.

Good luck kids.

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Yo what's the policy for calling act?
@frozen, sure.
@geniusgatik, not sure, everyone has to finish their matchups.
@assault, what
@湿ったマフィン Assault Ποσειδώνας is probably asking what the policy on calling inactivity wins is.
Just curious, but did you hide the Round 1 answer?
@J™ looks like they did, since I can't find it on either page.

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I would like to say congratulations to ANoobWithoutAName for winning, as well as to PsychicX1!

Good job to everyone else too!

Can you edit all the replays and the matchups in the answer, like x vs. y with their replay?
This is my regular reminder that you can now sign up to host the next tournament by commenting on this answer.
I can host but this double elim, brackets, who battles who, losers round, winners round etc. is very confusing to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
@cristal maybach, give me around a week, but I’ll slowly get around to it
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Usually after 6 weekdays, anytime weekends
Double elim best of 3!

Can you battle tonight around 8?  Otherwise, the next time I'll be available will be next Monday.
yea pretty sure i can
Can you battle tonight around 7-8 pm?
i can battle rn
You can just take the win.  I'm too busy to get the battle done.  I'm sorry.
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PsyKlone Wars
6pm-10pm on weekdays, 12pm-12am on weekends
Double elimination

Hey, can you battle at 5 today? Sorry for short notice
Yeah that should work
could u get online, server ain't working
When can you battle?
Wanna try saturday at 6?
Yep.  Sounds good.  If I can't make it, will Sunday at 6 work?
Yeah probably
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Shining Yin
Any time after 5 PM EST
Double Elimination

Came to check on this website after a long period.. so I figured why not?

I'm online as Gatik on the normal showdown server
Are you able to play on Sunday at 6pm your time?
Yeah I should be able to. I’ll see you then.
I'm on the db server rn. Good luck!
Okay, give me a few minutes I’m sorry. Gl btw :)
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LETS GOO gl hf to the two x)
congrats :D
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EST (GMT -4)
4-7 on tuesday to thursday, mostly free from 1-5 on weekends.
Double Elimination

am cool first answer lel

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Username: KRLW890
Time zone: American Central (GMT-5)
Availability: Available all day on Saturdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I'm available after 1, before 7 on Wednesdays, and after 3 on Sundays.

Double elimination.

Play same time as you played sumwun? Wanna have this as early as done because exams.
Oh Why am I getting a tough match up even in the second round lol?

Can you play @7:30 pm Friday (your time)? It would be 8 am (Saturday) here...
Sorry I missed your message. I can battle that same time today (7:30 pm Saturday my time, 8:00 am Sunday your time). Would that work for you or would we need to schedule another time?
I'll try. It's just 10 mins from now...
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Trippy Soup
Unavailable between the hours of 3 PM and 8 PM
Double Elimination

I’ll probably bring an early meta team and lose twice in a row due to stall. Yay! :P

Good Luck, Have Fun

Can you battle on Saturday? I probably won't be available from 2PM to 6PM then, but I'm available for the rest of Saturday otherwise. I can't play tomorrow or on Friday.
I’ll see if I can get on noon Saturday, but if not, I’ll probably be on after 8PM Saturday.
If the site server is still down then, I usually hang out in the CAP Project room on main Showdown! when I go on, so you can find me there if searching my name is too inefficient or whatever. :P
So can you play at noon today?
Are you available sometime tonight?
are you on rn?
Hey, since I can't seem to find you, I'm going to assume that you aren't coming, especially since it's 9:30 PM right now.  If I am still on by the time you're reading this, feel free to challenge. But I can't guarantee I'll be on when you come on.
okay :P
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My first tour, however I gonna lose anyway. My schedule is a li'l tight, but I'll try to come!

Username: BlazeLostHisName
Timezone: IST (GMT +5.5)
Availablity: All days except Sunday and Wednesday. From 10am to 1:30pm, from 3:30pm to 6:45pm. Not available from Sep 27 to Oct 4, but I'll try!
Tournament type: Single Elimination.

I know it says you aren't available on Sundays, but by any chance can you play tomorrow? I'm available around 8-11 AM and 4-7 PM tomorrow (my time). for my time. On Monday and Tuesday I can play 4-8 PM, and on Thursday I might be able to play from 6-8 PM.
EDT 4 pm - IST 1:30 am
EDT 8 pm - IST 5:30 am

Can you play at 9pm? I'll try to adjust at 6:30 am here. Pls specify the date.
I can probably play at 9PM EDT today, 6:30AM on Tuesday for you.
OK done!
I'm online on the main Showdown server as Sir Chasm 27.
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Polite Patamon
11 PM - 10 AM on Fri-Sun
11 PM - 3 PM most weekdays

anytime today
Sorry I missed your comment, I was busy all day yesterday...

I can play after 11 p.m. EST any day this week (including today), as well as all day Saturday and Monday afternoon from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. Any of these times convenient for you? (If not, let me know)
I'll be on the DB Showdown server tonight if you're up for the match.
i'm available right now
i'll be on the server tonight at 11 pm est
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pretty much free all times during weekends
double elimination ofc

When do you want to fight, good sir? :P
Hey Staka, when are you free this weekend? I am open to doing most times EDT on Sunday.
I am available between 12PM-1PM and 9PM-11PM EDT Saturday and Sunday. :P
Hey Staka, let's do 9PM EDT on Sunday. Hope to see you then!
Also, I made a note about Daylight's saving time on your wall. Let me know if you have any questions about it
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Double elimination won. Landslide. Massacre.

Moving on, here are matchups!


Frozen Inferno
Primordial Sea
Cyberbear IV

Yes I know there are a lot of byes, I'm using a tournament gen. Now onto matchups.

sumwun VS KRLW890 (this'll be fun)
Your excellency VS mech steelix
Chesta Adabi 481 VS Sixer
Kuroyupii VS Shining Yin
Psyklone VS me
Spooky Terrain VS Tasty Mushroom

Bracket Link Kids:

Idk how good y'all are, so uh randomized.

Please have replays ready by next week. Salutations for now

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@Assault Ποσειδώνας i know that, i will change my team so no one knows my pokemon (obviously from the bazaar) but personally, i like that team. and i dont use like the most top teams, cause a lot os people knows it. and why is the team weird? i think that team is pretty solid (from a guy who its first OU battle is the first round of this tournament).
The team's weird because it's outdated. The team looks like it was from before the first 2 DLCs, so a majority of the team isn't viable. Try using teams from the more recent pages of the Bazaar, around the most recent 2 or 3 pages.
aah i see, thanks spooky! also i find it in the first page, and there is no problem with the viability.
I recommend releasing Round 2 now so people can play sooner. You can match somebody with [winner of Kuroyupii VS Shining Yin].
Maybe make a precise deadline, then do this again if matches fall behind.
If you see the bracket link provided by the host, you can see the Round 2 matchups too. So, should we wait or not?
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Staka~ vs Sumwun
Primordial Sea vs Your Excellency
Call_Me_Joey vs Sixer
Chesta Adabi vs ~azureshiram~
Me vs Watanabe (They were banned, so free dubs lel)
KRLW890 vs TastyMushroom
Frozen Inferno vs GeniusGatik
MechSteelix vs ANoobWithoutAName
Shining Yin vs melcakes
PsyKlone vs SpookyTerrain


Matchups done by 21/10 please

Salutations Calquischezlerynops

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I think u need to bring up last rounds losers to this rounds losers
I think I'm not good with double elims
Is this gonna update or..?
I guess we wait for the host...
I'm updating it rn sorry guys, I've had a busy week
You should hide this answer, I guess.
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Showdown! Username: reshiwum
Timezone: WIB (GMT +7 Indonesia)
Availability: usually free around 13:00 - 16:00 in weekdays and 08:00 - 17:00 in weekends
Double Elimination

Glhf everyone! <3

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I’m down to battle right now if you’re up for it.
battle? i use my chesta adabi b account
im online in showdown right now, tell me if youre ready
you could fine me in monotype room
Can you battle this Sunday anytime between 10 and 3 EST?
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Showdown! username: AGCL3 Swastik
Timezone: IST (GMT +5.5)
Availability: 1 PM to 11 PM weekdays, 10 AM to 11 PM on weekends
Tournament type: Either works, preferably Single Elimination since it's gonna be a small tour anyway

Hey man, me free today. You?
Hey Swastik, I'm on the main PS server now if you're ready.
I’m ready whenever you are.
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Username: HunterBear4
Timezone: EDT (GMT-4)
Avalibility: Sunday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Saturday, 8:00 AM-11:20 AM, 2:10 PM-6:00 PM
Double Elimination

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Hey, wanna battle saturday at 3:00 PM EDT?
Sure (filler)
My bad I forgot I couldn’t do today. Wanna try 2PM tmrw and 4PM if that doesn’t work?
2PM is good.
When do you want to battle? You can DM me on Discord and I might be available at that time. Otherwise, we could schedule a date and time. Whichever you prefer. :P
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GMT - 13
1 pm to 1 am GMT on Saturdays and Sundays, not sure when I can play on weekdays
double elimination

I will be unusually busy for the next 2 months. I will lose this tournament because I have no time to prepare properly, not because I really suck at gen 8 OU.

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But your other comment says you want to battle earlier? Did you mean Friday?
I meant, since the weekend is basically the deadline, it would be good to get it in during the week, if possible. But if it can't be helped, the weekend should be fine, too.
I didn't see you on the default server or Smogtours today. Can we try to meet Sunday 2 pm GMT on Smogtours? That's 9 am your time, right?
Whoops, sorry for missing that. Yeah, I should be able to make that.
I'm online right now, on both the default server and smogtours. I'll be available for a couple hours, but the sooner, the better.
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Let's get my butt kicked because of my Stall addiction.

Showdown! Username: Jhnfui
GMT -4
I'm usually only available on weekends from 9-12am and 6-8pm, but sometimes weekdays work from 6-8pm.

Single Elimination.

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The entire purpose of stall is preventing your butt from getting kicked.
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Bouta lose but eh
MDT (GMT -6)
Available 4-8 pm on weekdays and 11am-8pm on weekends
Single elim

oh yeah, i forgot sorry. And im still waiting about the extension, im gonna tell you about that when it is given to me. And im gonna see what time are we available on. Pls wait, and sorry because of my availability.
hey we got the extension!
also can you play at your time zone 19.00-21.00pm, in my place is 08.00-10.00 am. if im fast, i could play at that time, how thats sound?
i am ready. i use Abimaster300 account. tell me when your ready
Hi, we've been paired up this round. Of the times you're available, what time this week suits you best to play a match?
I'm on the DB server right now for our match. If you're ready, meet me there as soon as you can. If not, let me know.
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Sir Chasm 27
EDT (GMT -4)
Pretty much all day on weekends, and 4 pm - 9 pm weekdays (not monday and friday)
Single Elimination

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Yeah that’s fine with me, see you then.
I'm online on the Pokebase server.
Okay can you give me like 15 mins cause I’m heading to my house right now
Yeah no problem
Thank you, I’m gonna get on in a minute.