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I understand the point of downvotes on questions but I am just curious about upvotes, I know it has something to do with a good question but what makes a good question and is there something more to that?

there's no literal benefit as far as I'm aware, just good form to upvote content that is useful and/or enjoyable. If you want someone to upvote you putting doing good work, makes sense to reciprocate.

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You can up-vote questions that you think are good for this platform and that you would like to see more of. For example, you might vote a question because...

  • it is likely to be helpful to other people, or maybe you wanted to ask the same thing.
  • it is well-written; you know exactly what is being asked and what a good answer would entail.
  • it shows effort, i.e. the person explains what they already checked/researched or what they already tried that went wrong.
  • it's from an area of knowledge that you think should appear on PokeBase more.
  • you learned something from it.

If questions like these receive votes, then people are encouraged to post more questions like them.

You can also sort questions by votes. It factors into the "Hot" list, related questions, and when searching too.