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Help with incorrect or incomplete answers.

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I asked a question (located here) on PokéBase about Dream World events and my problem with them, and someone already answered. But pullerrush's answer seems more like a comment (or "answercomment"), and I'm still needing help with my question

I am not sure about what to do, since no one else is answering my question. Maybe including a "correct/wrong" voting system (which would be probably redundant) or changing his answer into a comment would help.

Thanks already, and sorry about any redundance.

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I edited his answer into a comment.

We do have a " Flagging " system, for answers like that.
But yeah, normally if you just comment on the answer, someone should see it that's an Expert or Editor and try to go fix it for you, sorry for any problems you've had with it.

The user who answered isn't exactly a " good " user anyway, lots of bad answers these days.

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Thanks, J98. You really helped me a lot. ^^
Haha, no problem.