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On the Sandstorm page it says that Sand veil raises evasion by 25%, but on the Hail page it says snow cloak raises evasion by 20%. Shouldn't they be both 20%?

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They should both be 20%.
Interesting, I see different values everywhere. Some say 20% for both, some 25% for both, and some both 20% and 25%, the values we have now...
Blobyoyo asked a question about that recently...
It was Blob who ANSWERED it. Gengar asked it.

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OK here's what it says on the other sites.
SV = Sand Veil, SC = Snow Cloak

Serebii - SV=20%, SC=20%
Bulbapedia - SV=25%, SC=20%
Veekun - SV=25%, SC=25%
Psypokes - SV=20%, SC=20%
Marriland - SV=20%, SC=20%
Smogon - SV=20%, SC=20%

The majority says 20% for both. Psypokes and Marriland may have copied Serebii but Smogon often does their own research to verify, so it's more than likely 20%. I will change it asap.

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In Bulbapedia's description for both Sand Veil and Snow Cloak,it's 20%.
"Sand Veil increases the evasion of a Pokémon by 20% in a sandstorm and if on a Pokémon whose type does not already, grants immunity to damage taken from sandstorms."
"Snow Cloak causes evasion to increase by 20% in a hailstorm. If a Pokémon which is not of the Ice-type acquires this Ability, it will be immune to the effects of hail."
Yes you are correct... the 25% was from the Sandstorm page.
Just to add, this is updated on the site now.