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Every once in a while I see a question asked because they do not know what OU means or something like that. So I suggest making a list right here so that way those questions do not need to be asked.

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good idea
Right here as in this question?
If anyone has anymore they can make another answer, I did a bunch of them but I GTG at the moment.
maybe evs ivs ect is that a good one
Thanks Blob, I had to do some other stuff so I could not finish my list.
Welcome I had nothing else to do anything I've been I'll today

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Funny enough I actually started this a few days ago: http://pokemondb.net/glossary

I only did a few so feel free to suggest more in the answers here. blobyolo and Speed freak already posted some good answers.

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Regular tiers

Uber: A Pokemon tier, mainly legendaries, it is the highest Tier, Ubers can only be used in Uber tier. Any Pokemon can be used in Uber.
OU: Overused, a Pokemon tier, it is the second highest tier, all but Ubers can be used in OU, OU Pokemon are only allowed in OU and Uber.
BL: Borderline, a Pokemon tier, it is the third highest tier, only BL and below can be used here, BL Pokemon can be used in BL, OU, and Uber.
UU: Underused, a Pokemon tier, it is the third lowest tier, only UU, RU, and NU can be used here, UU Pokemon can be used in UU and up.
RU: Rarely used, a Pokemon tier, it is the second lowest tier, only RU and NU Pokemon can be used here, RU can perform in any tier except NU.
NU: Neverused, a Pokemon tier, it is the lowest tier, only NU Pokemon can be used here, NU Pokemon can be used here.

Note: LC and MC tiers are even lower so NU Pokemon are not allowed in them.

Other Tiers

MC: Middle Cup, A tier exclusively for Middle evolved Pokemon such as Charmeleon, and Metapod.
LC: Little Cup, A tier exclusively for First form Pokemon such as Bulbasaur and Riolu.

Note: Some Middle and First form Pokemon are not allowed in MC and LC because they are too strong, such as in the case of Porygon-2 and Scyther.

Pokebase Abbreviations

PB: Pokebase
DB: The Pokemon Database(referring to the whole site)
BS: Battle Subway
DT: DarkTyphlosion(Top user) XD


S-Dance: Swords-dance
D-Dance: Dragon-dance
E-Quake: Earthquake
T-Bolt: Thunderbolt
T-Wave: Thunder Wave
Tox: Toxic


Scarfed: Choice Scarf - hold item that boosts the Pokemon's Speed by 50%, but locks on to the first move you use.
Specs: Choice Specs - hold item that boosts the Pokemon's Sp. Atk by 50%, but locks on to the first move you use.
Banded: Choice Band - hold item that boosts the Pokemon's Atk by 50%, but locks on to the first move you use.
Sashed: Focus Sash - hold item that will resist any hit to an absolute minimum of 1 HP as long as the Pokemon had full health during the attack.


Para-flinch: Paralyzing then hitting with a move with a flinch chance like Air-slash


HP: Hit points
S.Attack: Special Attack
S.Defense: Special Defense
Atk.: Attack
Def.: Defense
Spd: Speed

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I'm pretty sure PB is my name xD
I added a few moves, and added the "Items" section just in case you were curious SF.
SD DD and EQ are way more common than sdance ddance and equake.
Also lolwat at tox.
I did not put Tox there I think 4x Sam did.
People say Tox. You've never heard? o.o
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In regard to Speed's answer that shows which tier is which ->Here<-is the DB official tiers (other websites have there own but theses are ours and can be used for making RMT questions)
The tiers are also in the useful questions bar on the right of meta "Official Pokemon Tiers for PokemonDB"

EVs - Effort Values here
IVs - Individual Values here
Clauses - For example Sleep Cause (a rule that you can put on battles so only one Pokemon can be asleep at a time)
Auto Weather or Weather Setter - a Pokemon that can cause weather through ability or move
these are common ability weather setters -
Sun: Ninetales, Vulpix, Groudon

Rain: Politoed, Kyogre

Sand: Hippowdon, Hippopotas Tyranitar

Hail: Snover, Abomasnow

Priority - Moves such as Quick Attack that go first have +1 or more priority here
Lead - A Pokemon you send out first that can use moves or abilities to its advantage such as Politoed
Hax - Basically another word for luck
PP - power points
SS - sandstorm or
SS, HG, P, D, PT, B, W - SoulSilver, HeartGold, Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, Black, White
HP - Health Points
PO - Pokemon Online: the most up to date and life like battle simulater it is highly recommended to any new user-you build your own team, select LV's, items, EVs, IV's, Moves, and then you battle others on servers. here Pokemon online
RMT - Rate My Team
Sweeper - Normally a quick Pokemon such as Gengar or Garchomp that has high Atk or SAtk and can take out a few Pokemon
Wall - A Pokemon with rather good Def and SDef, but not normally good attacking stats (Blissey for example or Umbreon) they usually can recover HP and can set up entery hazards
Staller - A Pokemon that tend to use status moves on the foe and have decent Def/SDef to take out the opponents annoying Pokemon -someone correct me if im wrong (Milotic can be one)
tank - Pokemon that can deal damage and have decent all round defensive stats
annoyer - pokemon thats movest consists of non direct damage moves like leech seed
Entery hazards - Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Spikes
Spinner - Gets rid of entry hazards (Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Spikes)
Phazer - Pokemon with Decent Def/SDef that use moves such as Roar, Dragon Tail, Whirlwind, and Circle Throw (which have -6 priority) useful for Pokemon that have set up entry hazards such as Skarmory
F.E.A.R - A strategy involving a LV1 Pokemon, Endeavor, Focus Sash/Sturdy, priority move
Rattata (M) @ Focus Sash

Trait: Guts
EVs: 252 Atk
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
- Endeavor
- Quick Attack

Mew @ Focus Sash

Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 252 Atk
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Endeavor
- Vacuum Wave/Sucker Punch

Aron (M) @ Shell Bell

Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 252 Atk
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Endeavor

Donphan (M) @ Shell Bell

Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 252 Atk
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Endeavor
- Ice Shard
STAB - SAME TYPE ATTACK BONUS A move of the same type as the move gains 50% boost or becomes 1.5x. For example: Slaking used Slash (Slaking and Slash are Normal and Slash has 70 base power slab activates 70x1.5=105) it becomes 105 base power
For PB-10's sake PB - stands for PB-10 or PEANUT BUTTER :P

From Mew:
PB and J: Refers to:
1. Peanut Butter and Jelly
2. PB-10 and J98 (They are good friend on the site, they make a sandwich.)

I think I covered a few, though some aren't abbreviations.

Just found this :D It has lots of abbreviations, click here.

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Scarfchomp - Choice Scarfed Garchomp
SkarmBliss - A double battle strategy involving Skarmory and Blissey
Bellyzard - Charizard that maximizes Atk with Belly Drum
Curselax - Snorlax with Curse
Druidcruel - tentacruel with Swords Dance, Surf, Sludge Bomb, and Substitute
Stallrein - walrein with stalling capabilitys
Gyaravire - gyarados and electrivire
Gyarajolt - gyarados and jolteon
Magtrio - magnezone and dugtrio
Technitop - hitmontop with techinition and low powered priority moves such as bullet punch
Bulkygyara - a bulky gyarados

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Okay, Bellyzard and Scarfchomp are pretty much the only 2 in this list that are ever used.
These sound like you made them up, but curselax and stallrein are used as well
Yep some are well used but about 4 are off smogon
Hahaha, I haven't heard of the ones near the bottom, but I've heard of SkarmBliss, Scarfchomp, Curselax and Stallrein.
This sounds like the Smogon dictionary to me.
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Restalker - rest and sleep talk
Parafusion - When the foe is Paralyzed and Confused and has a low chance of hitting an attack
BoltBeam - A common strategy of using Thunderbolt and Ice Beam
SubSeed - an annoyer normally with Leech Seed and Substitute
SubPunch - Substitute and Focus Punch
Duel Screen - a pokemon with light screen and reflect
Endflail - endure and flail
Endsalac - endure and salac berry
Endrev - endure and reversal
Subroost - substitute and roost
Chestorest - chesto berry and rest

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Supportgar: support gengar

Hax: refers to things that are considered cheap, unfair, or kind of like cheating. Bright-powder is considered Hax . Paraflinch (like Jirachi with Iron-head and Thunder wave) is considered Hax because it gives you a pathetic chance of moving. Quick claw is also Hax. Mostly luck items like kings rock serene grace togekiss with t-wave and Air slash.

Crit: Critical hit

Mono: only

SubSeed; a pokemon behind a subsitute with leech seed on the other pokemon.

T-Tar: short for tyranitar

Toxistalling: Toxic the opponent and stalll them till they die

Pressurestalling Using a pokemon with pressure, like eviolite dusclops, to stall till the opponent's attack PP runs out and is forced to use struggle.

Wallbreaking: Using a pokemon with super fang to instantly cut down a wall's health by half, effectively breaking it.

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TorTran - A Heatran that uses the set Torment, Substitute, Protect, and Lava Plume. Incredibly deadly and the best Ditto counter other than Zoroark.

WoW - Will-o-wisp

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There is a set on Smogon named TormentTran
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Move Combos
Edge-Quake: a combo of 1 rock and 1 ground move.
Fire-Claw: combo of 1 fire move and one dragon move, in this case, fire punch and d-claw.
These two have very few resistances.

Pokemon Combos
RoWzor: a Wash Rotom with volt switch, combined with a scizor packing u-turn. they cover each other's weaknesses. careful planning can get you through unscathed.
This is one, but any other pokemon that can wall and cover each other's weaknesses are good. like these.

NFE: "Not Fully Evolved" any pokemon that is not in any other teir goes in here. Only NFE pokemon can be used here.

Paraflinch: paralyzing the opponent, then using flinch moves to stop them from moving. often used with serene grace togekiss (haxy togekiss.)

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Not weaknesses, Immunities. Paraflinch has been listed already and we don't need anymore of these as Pokemaster is starting the glossary.