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Can we hide some of the old and not epic enough replays?
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Hey, we allow 3DS replays, right?
Yeah sure, no reason not to
How do I add a battle replay for the 3ds?

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Lethargic ball whale outspeeds overrated fire dragon thing and causes all the salt in the pacific ocean to get sprinkled over the charizard's trainer

Magearna is unstoppable

Okay, so maybe I lied, Magearna is actually stoppable

Salty guy lol

Hypnosis lands 5 times in a row without any accuracy boosts. Also Darkrai completely demolishes a team

This was my longest battle ever. Whenever I have time to waste, I'll probably watch this on really slow mode

This kid was pretty dumb lol

Ah yes. Using Choice-locked Dark Pulse is apparently a sign of homosexuality

Last time playing with Magearna. Some fun stuff happens in this game too

Yes, because using Dragon Dance obviously means you're cheating. SS is hackerman confirmed?

Lmao this idiot actually goes for the Sleep Powder in Misty Terrain. Also they're using Blaze Incineroar. Why? I have absolutely no clue.

Sand balance causes salt

Is this the closest battle ever?

Toxapex saves me from a loss

Beat a salty guy on the way back to 1500 elo

Legend says Zygarde passed the hax baton to Serperior before getting banned

How are you THIS stupid? Is this even possible?

The closest battle I've ever had. When Manaphy used Heart Swap, I thought it was over, but then...

Basically, VoltTurn spam gave me a win.

Me vs. ☆SleepyDreepy☆, gg

My longest battle, ever

Custom Game is pain

Custom Game is pain 2

A boosting war, starring Glalie, Smeargle, and Drifblim

Stall Gothitelle 1

Stall Gothitelle 2


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uh why is this the most upvoted replay here lol
seriously there are way more entertaining replays than this
Because nobody likes charizard?
i love charizard lol
Same, but its overrated
I agree. If it had a better Special move pool though
They are Choice Specs! CHOICE SPECS
Im assuming that since he doesn't know about Specs he probably doesnt have any items on his Pokemon lol
That guy didnt seem salty he said gg lol
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WARNING: The following contains a complete idiot.
According to this guy, I’m a “booty ass” for using Ubers Pokémon in Ubers lol

The best sweeper of all time.


Sheer Cold is awesome

This guy really hates my blob of jelly


The reason I’m addicted to Swords Dance

~Necrozma-Dusk Mane saves me~

A bunch of AG Sword Dogs vs. One UU Ghost Sword. Who would win?

I used to doubt Draining Kiss on Calyrex, not anymore

I got a bit cocky because of this guy’s bad team, but it became a close game, and Eternatus walled three Pokémon

Most Insane Luck EVER, I will never doubt Dark Arceus again

Lucky Orca

My Luck Tho

Salty fella

Just because you're paralyzed doesn’t mean you can’t sweep

How to sweep an entire team with one move

Fun little gimmick I came up with got me a sweep. Very happy that last Rock Slide hit

I was going to forfeit, but decided not to for the heck of it. Then I realized why Necrozma-DM is S tier

This reverse sweep was awesome

Tyranitar vs. a fighting type, a Steel/Fairy, and a Water/Fairy. Who would win?

Who knew your own miss could be helpful?

I lost but witnessed the greatest comeback of all time

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lmao. i would upvote if i could
The opponent is 100% made of salt :X
That kid is very rude!
The only reason he should say something like that is if you had mega rayquaza.
Mega Rayquaza is banned from [gen 7 Ubers] :P

Primal, can I also battle you in gen 7 Ubers? I have a team too
I know. That's why I specified mega ray, because that's the only pokemon that would deserve such words in ubers.
Actually, if we are talking about Gen 8 Ubers, Zacian-C is the most Overpowered pokemon
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Sylveon almost gets me.

Malamar with Superpower and Contrary is a wonderful thing.

Lucky Imprison forces both opponents to Struggle.

I win a tourney because of freeze hax.

Surprising Theivul comeback.

Nothing too special, but it was a fun back and forth battle, quite enjoyable.

Beating a team of legendaries with an... unconventional team.

First the guy tells me I made a bad play. Then he says GG way before the end of the battle. Then I obliterate his last four Pokemon.

I get incredible luck and the guy just forfeits.

My suicide lead takes out two Pokemon in the endgame.

Sunflora beats Calyrex-Shadow because it's very obviously a top tier AG Pokemon.

Not too entertaining but that was confusing

I lost, but this is a testament to the power of Sunflora.

Both of us thought the battle was over, but I somehow turned it around.

If you find his Youtube video, can you tell me?

Mind games with Polteageist.

Dude makes terrible plays and keeps asking me if I speak Spanish? Yeah I'm not sure what's going on.

I get bullied in a Free For All

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Haha replay 2. Those were both teams I rated XD
Hiii these are funny lol (and my original comment stated only "hi" and that was too short).
I'm questioning the sand stream lugia.
Sucker Punch mind games are really tough, lol.
It was difficult to predict lol. The first Strength Sap was an accident, I misclicked, which I guess saved me :P
You responding to "DO YOU SPEAK SPANISH" with "hasta la vista" cracked me up
Also as someone who speaks spanish either he was using words that I don't know or his grammar also sucked when speaking in his primary language
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LC Benchmark Game (watch if you want to learn/play LC!)

This is honestly an excellent game to teach LC with, almost a benchmark. Both players were solid but not exceptional. Both had tried and true cores on their teams mixed with a little innovation. Both made excellent plays and strategy but also making dumb mistakes.

If I ever get back into competitive Pokémon — although highly unlikey — LC is what I want to play :0
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A really fun back-and-forth Primal Groudon/Kyogre standoff
(I thought for sure that it was over after that switch on turn 9)

Steel is the best type here's proof

I have a nice switch stall battle, and when I finally outplay them, they get salty, insult me for stalling (even though they were also doing it) and forfeit the battle
(warning: it's pretty long. If you want the short version, watch until turn 27, maybe turn 30-ish, then skip to turn 55)
What's disappointing (but also kind of hilarious) about their reaction is that I thought we were having a good battle and getting along well (see turn 53).

Hypnosis / Encore is a good strategy, I swear!

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Nickname the Palkia "I need space."
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That tropius. I hate him. He destroyed me
Oh yeah sorry about that but it made a great replay.
lol Tropius can be a beast.
Yeah I’ve actually done a Tropius sweep before this but I don’t have the replay :/
Ooh Tropius sweep lol :P
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PrimalKyogre in 2020: We all know that Kyurem-White spams Draco Meteor which Primal Kyogre can easily beat.

Me right now: What happens when you bring a 5/6 Kyurem-White weak team to an opponent who uses that Pokemon

Freeze Dry to PrimalKyogre: Am I a joke to you?

PrimalKyogre's salt: And Primal Kyogre wins against specs Kyurem-White, defensive Kyurem White is something I’ve never seen since no-one uses Kyurem-White

The feeling when you stall for 228 turns to lose by timer

Most satisfying ragequit against a haxer

Darkrai spam wins over Arceus spam, insane hax involving Hypnosis hitting 8 times out of Gravity.

Bug monotype vs Rock monotype in Random battles, and I managed to win, thanks to Orbeetle

Zacian-C, Calyrex-S and Urshifu-S in same team loses to Tapu Fini, Volcanion and Blacephaon. So these legends are useless confirmed.

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And was Primal Kyogre in gen 8 AG?
That doesn't matter. Both Primal Kyogre and Kyogre lose to Kyurem-White, but what you told is very silly and I'm laughing at that.
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The reason I try and oneshot zacians with Hard DK is because it's less annoying than what I show here

That venusaur was determined to survive.

When you get ridiculously lucky on the final turn

My first battle in the new OM. I fought someone that ignored the fact that the name of the tier is "The loser's game"

One of the most chaotic battles I've had. And Delibird is buff.

I am honestly so confused about what he was thinking. He had a ho-oh, and it could ko darmanitan which couldn't ko in return, he had paralyzed darm, decided that ho-oh wasn't very useful anymore, and literally sacrificed it instead of killing me. And he then didn't use the weakened darm as setup, so why did he do that? Can someone explain?

A bad stall team vs the weirdest kind of Metronome themed team I have ever seen

He could've won if paralysis didn't exist

Two lunatics get messed up by paralysis

They say regular Garchomp is better than Mega. I take that as a challenge

I beat the highest ranked player, he says he won't lose, calls my team ****, and forfeits

Apparently I'm deserving of a swear word followed by lucky by getting a single crit

All hail the king, two hail teams with none of the same mons (was my first VGC 2021 battle with that team

Closest battle I've ever had

This is my opponents perspective. Preview: Slowbro & Dusknoir obliterate nice person(I feel sorry).

They said the team wasn't viable. They said to replace it all. They shall now beg for mercy, FROM THE WRATH OF METAGROSS!

The most absurd healing strategy works apparently.

Description: Ally Switch mind games destroy trainer. He even thought one of my mons had ally switch when it didn't.

Two tanks battle it out for 50 turns, and nobody dies before forfeit. I would have died soon due to having a total of three moves left and struggle would kill me.

When Zoroark is frailer than you would prefer, what do you do? Spam dark Pulse flinches of course. As well as a Defog war, my Bisharp saving the opponent, and bad timing Slowbro.

Technically two straight freezes

Dusknoir on rampage (Only here because I love Dusknoir, and it's fun to see a PU Pokemon rip through a UU mon without an advantage)

How not to respond to Swoobat

Ever had those battles where once you get paralyzed you feel like every move you do is going to fail? That's my usual feeling

My Dracovish did just a little more damage than expected to that kyogre.

They targeted me because they liked Charizard, and once I was out, they forfeited, leaving two others. If only I hadn't been trolling with a temp alt.

*note from Ignis: I decided to turn this into a condensed answer to make this thread more clean and tidy.

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6 year olds on their mom's phone be like
I'm just imagining his reaction to the fact that I won.
this replay is golden

i love salty 5 year olds playing pokemon **especialy** when they're on their mum's iphone lol
Shot on mom's iphone.
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Chatot is now my least favorite pokemon of all time

This mon is ridiculous. pls ban it from OU

Disrespect Steel Beam gg

This mon is just insane

I now understand why they banned it

Thank you for the crit

I thought I would lose

This turned from an offensive battle into stall

I'm so sure they are hacking

Someone explain how I killed it

This is why you use Curse Weakness Policy Entei

Doubles is simple but salty addition

I made very smart plays not meaning to brag

Swept half their team with special Nidoking

Tapu Fini the sweeper in OU

I land five Head Smashes in a row

They stalled me out a lot

I was not expecting a random battle sweep yet here it is

This is why Urshifu should be banned from OU

I thought I would lose after I activated Weakness Policy but then Urshifu brought me back in. Life goal #1 never call Rapid Strike Urshifu weak

Please don't focus on the sweep part of this replay. Focus on my insane luck in this fight landing all my Precipice Blades and a Stone Edge

I made some pretty dumb plays here before being saved by a female dragon. this is why you use set-up Stored Power Latias

Another sweep? with a Dragon from the same region as the last one, and I also get saved by it. Coincidence? I think not.

This is why Tapu Bulu doesn't get Grassy Glide

Third sweep which I clutched and second in a non-competitive tier format

I'm so dumb

I'm the unluckiest person alive

Almost got swept by an ugly

Specs Machamp for the win

Clefable is a monster with Magearna and Cinderace being banned

Don't focus on the sweep. Focus on the lesson "respect your Alders and don't go around throwing trash at fire moths"

I almost had a heart attack that Marshadow might have been Sash Spectral Thief

Mamoswine brought it back because of a bad play. All hail to the thick boi

How I clutched a battle with Quagsire

Tell me someone unluckier then me

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You do be a salty person.
Salt is obvious. Getting confused in all your turns and a full team of legends getting swept by a birb; eh it's hard to control.
That's true. I would also have a hard time controlling that.
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These are my best battles, more will come.
Winning with a bang

Yours indubitably

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The FEAR strategy put into life
...In an ubers match
...With bad Pokemon
...That only know 2 moves
...Endeavor and Quick Attack

That opponent was pretty nooby. It's easy to defeat FEAR just by switching, and he didn't do it.
Epic, pretty fun to watch
NOOB he could have used Psyshock. the idiot, using recover when you're faster than the opponent
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We even both said GG to each other we were so certain my chansey would go down.
Then this 1% chance occurred

I'm pretty sure it's not exactly 1%. High jump kick's accuracy is 90%, so the chance that it misses is 100%-90%, or 10%. Rock slide's accuracy is also 90%, so the chance that they both miss is 100%-90%-90%, which is -80%.
Actually sumwun, that's not how probability works.  Now, I don't know whether Syleno was just trying to be hyperbolic by saying 1%, but he's actually right.  The chance of HJK missing is 10% of 100%, which is simply 10%.  Then, the chance of RS missing *on top* of HJK is 10% of 10%, or 1%.
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Person forfeits because I make predictions on his Scarfed Lele and it is basically valueless:


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Oh, boy, this was a pretty fun battle. It was me against ~MegaCharizardY~ (or Y for short) in a Gen 5 Random Battle. Unfortunately, she disconnected halfway through, meaning the ending is just a timer ticking down. Still, this was quite fun. I got quite lucky, but we both had our moments. In addition, we each had some odd and/or interesting Pokémon on our team.

I Hope you enjoy!

Don’t mind the chat :P
lol :P
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My second game testing Kartana
He is broken with a scarf