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I already have a team somewhat built, and I’ve just recently learned about ev’s as well so I most likely wont have the best stats currently. This is also my first time trying to build a battle team, one i’d like to be somewhat fair and not use all overpowered legendaries if possible
The gang: [UPDATED]
Xerneas @ Power Herb
Ability-Fairy Aura
Current moves:
Horn Leech
Trained up with Power Belt to get defense up

Groudon @ Red Orb
Current moves:
Earthquake (probably will change
Precipice Blades
Bulk up
Solar beam
(Havent worked on moves yet but i'd appreciate suggestions
Thinking of training up a bulky set on this one

Incineroar @ Assault Vest
Current moves:
Fake out
Flare blitz
Darkest Lariat
Trained up with most focus on attack w/ power bracer

Greninja (mystic water)
Ability-Battle Bond
Current moves:
Water shuriken (battle bond boost
Ice beam
Night slash
Trained with special attack/speed boost. Changed after so many levels because speed was already high

Mewtwo (mewtwonite x)
Current moves:
Aura sphere
Psycho cut
(Needs some variation i think)
So far has been trained up with hp boost power weight

Tornadus @ ??
Current moves:
Air Slash
Rain dance
((I have only recently added Tornadus to my team so moveset suggestions are much appreciated

Some of the natures are stuck as they are now since I had previously caught these legendaries without much thought of their natures and so now I am unable to change them really

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What format? :P

There is no such thing as using too many overpowered legends when whoever you are fighting can use that many overpowered legends as well. It is their fault for not using them if they don't do so. Also, there are a lot of legends that aren't overpowered (although, technically, nothing is overpowered, anything that is weaker than the strongest Pokémon is under-powered). :P
If you could completely redo your EV training and give your Pokemon whatever EVs you want (and is legitimately possible), what EVs would you give them?
Whichever format they use in competitions, so far i’ve watched championships with doubles (i think those are formats?) and i’d maybe like to try for those, so maybe focused more on doubles?
And, well, if i were to add in any legendaries, perhaps an electric one would fill the last spot? Say a Tapu Koko or a Zapdos? I’ve seen the Tapu’s used often in competitive leagues and so i’m assuming they are good. Thanks for the reassurance though, @Staka-
As for EV’s.. I’ve seen a few different ways they have been trained, theres bulky sets and speedy with high attack sets as well, but with my team I notice how low the defense is on most of them, making me wonder if I should have a bulky set on some and then an offensive set on others, my incineroar has an offensive set while my garchomp is more defensive and bulky, his attack naturally high. Are there certain sets better for certain pokemon? @sumwun
More skilled players almost always use 3 to 5 "overpowered legendaries". If you want to play with them, then you should get better Pokemon on your own team. I'd suggest using Groudon, Kyogre, and Lunala instead of Garchomp, Greninja, and Mewtwo.
You’re saying i’d use a team of Groudon, Kyogre, Lunala, Xerneas, and Incineroar? Primal i’m assuming. And for the electric type for the last one, do you recommend Tapu Koko or Zapdos maybe? Unless i trade the last slot for a dragon type, say, a Rayquaza to fit the little theme?
I would suggest using Togedemaru. Its stats are bad, but it has a lot of resistances and the ability to redirect electric attacks. Fake out and nuzzle are good for disrupting things the opponent tries to do, and U-turn reduces the need to predict the opponent's switches.
Ah okay, thank you for the help

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Try a Shedinja. They are Ghost-bug, which is a unique type combo that becomes effective with its ability. It's ability keeps up at one, but only super effective attacks hit. Therefore, sending it out after getting an idea of your opponents move sets well help you know if its safe to keep it out. It's relatively high sp atk will be useful to use ghost moves like shadow ball, bug moves like bug buzz, and maybe an electric move to hold back a powerful flying Pokemon that could destroy shedinja, this allowing easy kills and keeping shedinja safe. Also consider getting detect, which it should learn at lower level. When played properly, it's possible to make an invulnerable shedinja that tears through enemies!

In competitive play, Shedinja is regarded as a gimmick because most players are very well aware of how to beat it. Unless it's a very good fit for a very good purpose, Shedinja is not a good recommendation.
This is seen in its usage stats for high-ranking Battle Spot games on Showdown, where it is used on 0.1% of teams. https://www.smogon.com/stats/2019-04/gen7battlespotsingles-1760.txt
Who told you that Shedinja had high special attack? And how can you make sure that flying Pokemon don't outspeed and one-shot Shedinja before Shedinja can move?
Shedinja is a terrible pokemon. also, 30 is not a high special attack stat
Thank you for the suggestion!! I dont know if I will use Shedninja, but I have seen how he is used and I could see some advantages to using him. Once again thank you, and of course thanks everyone else for more details on Shedninja i appreciate the info