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I'm back already :p
Aug 24, 2019 by fwoofyy
If that's true, then either I was wrong, or you were viewing a very old question. You can see in the history for the privileges list that flagging has required 40 points since 2012. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/revisions/10195
Aug 23, 2019 by Fizz
sumwun els is a duplicate account I made a few years ago for some reason. What makes you think "Yellow" and "Kecleon" are the same thing? They don't even start with the same letter.
Aug 22, 2019 by sumwun
The answer you linked adds detail. It provides an alternative solution to the question that was not mentioned in the existing answer. That is completely fine and, in fact, encouraged.
The point limit for flagging hasn't changed recently; it has been 40 for as long as I can remember. Try to make high-quality, well-researched posts so that you can stay above the threshold, as it's very unlikely to decrease.
Aug 22, 2019 by Fizz
Hullo you'll notice I made a couple edits to things you've posted/commented/answered recently. You're probably wondering why, so I'll give you a quick recap;

This is not a proper answer, rather a comment. I'm considering the validity of the other one as well, but haven't made a decision on it.

I've reshown your old comment and hidden the new one. I'd request you show a little bit more respect to Hellfire however, if someone hides your stuff, it is better to ask why, rather than accuse them of doing it for no reason.

See my closing message. We cannot and will not make a team for you from scratch, especially in a competitive context.  If you don't want to pick moveset/EVs, use Smogon.

I've hidden your answer regardless, don't ask a user to "undownvote" before you hide. We'll hide your answer if it's wrong/against rules regardless.
Aug 21, 2019 by Sempi
We can play, but maybe some time later. I'm busy with assignments at the moment, and I'm trying to avoid playing games until I've got less on my plate.
Aug 15, 2019 by Fizz
I can battle you in BSS right now
Aug 11, 2019 by stall_fest
In what? OU?
Aug 10, 2019 by stall_fest
Ps, looks like the timezone link included the parenthese. This is the actual link: https://time.is/UTC-5
Aug 10, 2019 by KRLW890
I’m not on Showdown too often unless there’s a tournament (or if I want to use the team builder for two seconds to calculate a Pokémon’s stats). If you want to battle, I should be available for most of tomorrow. I’m in the UTC-5 Timezone (https://time.is/UTC-5), to give you an idea of when I’d be awake. Although I only have a complete team in UU, so that limits our options for format.

And no, I don’t actually live in Antarctica :P I put that there when I was first setting up my page because I wasn’t comfortable putting “America” there at the time, and now I find it just mildly amusing enough to keep me from changing it.
Aug 10, 2019 by KRLW890