Fomantis is a Grass type Pokémon introduced in Generation 7. It is known as the Sickle Grass Pokémon.

Fomantis is nocturnal, and it performs photosynthesis while it sleeps during the day by spreading out its leaves in all directions. Because of the danger of staying in the same location two days in a row, Fomantis begins its search for the next day's spot as soon as the sun sets.

Fomantis evolves into Lurantis.

Pokédex entries

Sun During the day, it sleeps and soaks up light. When night falls, it walks around looking for a safer place to sleep.
Moon They give off a sweet and refreshing scent. Cutiefly often gather near the tall grass where Fomantis are hiding.
Ultra Sun When the sun rises, Fomantis spreads its four leaves and bathes in the sunlight. The tip of its head has a pleasant aroma.
Ultra Moon It loves the sunshine. When it basks in the sunlight regularly, it grows up with vivid coloration.

Evolution chart


(Level 34, Daytime)

Name origin

false, artificial
a species of insect

Moves learned by Fomantis

Fomantis sprites

Type Generation 7
Normal Fomantis  sprite from Sun & Moon
Shiny Fomantis Shiny sprite from Sun & Moon

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Where to find Fomantis

Ultra Sun
Ultra Moon
Route 5, Lush Jungle

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