Pokémon evolutions by various conditions

This is a list of Pokémon that evolve by some kind of status or condition, such as gender, location or time of day. Once the condition is met, the Pokémon needs to level up once more in order to evolve.

This information applies to any games that feature both Pokémon from the chain, so for example in Generations 1-3 the evolution chain with Mamoswine doesn't exist.

The Pokémon

Evolving from
Evolving to
Alolan Rattata
Alolan Raticate
20 Nighttime
Pikachu Raichu use Thunder Stone, outside Alola
Pikachu Raichu
Alolan Raichu
use Thunder Stone, in Alola
Magneton Magnezone level up in a Magnetic Field area
Exeggcute Exeggutor use Leaf Stone, outside Alola
Exeggcute Exeggutor
Alolan Exeggutor
use Leaf Stone, in Alola
Cubone Marowak 28 outside Alola
Cubone Marowak
Alolan Marowak
28 Nighttime, in Alola
Tyrogue Hitmonlee 20 Attack > Defense
Tyrogue Hitmonchan 20 Attack < Defense
Tyrogue Hitmontop 20 Attack = Defense
Lickitung Lickilicky after Rollout learned
Koffing Weezing
Galarian Weezing
35 in Galar
Happiny Chansey hold Oval Stone, Daytime
Tangela Tangrowth after Ancient Power learned
Mime Jr. Mr. Mime after Mimic learned
Eevee Leafeon level up near a Mossy Rock
Eevee Glaceon level up near an Icy Rock
Eevee Sylveon ♥♥ Affection in Pokémon Amie, knowing Fairy move
Bonsly Sudowoodo after Mimic learned
Aipom Ambipom after Double Hit learned
Yanma Yanmega after Ancient Power learned
Gligar Gliscor hold Razor Fang, Nighttime
Sneasel Weavile hold Razor Claw, Nighttime
Piloswine Mamoswine after Ancient Power learned
Mantyke Mantine with Remoraid in party
Galarian Linoone
Obstagoon 35 Nighttime
Wurmple Silcoon 7 random based on personality
Wurmple Cascoon 7 random based on personality
Kirlia Gallade use Dawn Stone, Male
Nincada Shedinja 20 empty spot in party, Pokéball in bag
Nosepass Probopass level up in a Magnetic Field area
Feebas Milotic trade holding Prism Scale, or level up with max Beauty
Snorunt Froslass use Dawn Stone, Female
Burmy Mothim 20 Male
Burmy Wormadam
Plant Cloak
20 Female, in grass
Burmy Wormadam
Sandy Cloak
20 Female, in caves
Burmy Wormadam
Trash Cloak
20 Female, in buildings
Combee Vespiquen 21 Female
Galarian Yamask
Runerigus near Dusty Bowl
Pancham Pangoro 32 Dark type Pokémon in party
Inkay Malamar 30 holding console upside down
Tyrunt Tyrantrum 39 Daytime
Amaura Aurorus 39 Nighttime
Sliggoo Goodra 50 during rain
Yungoos Gumshoos 20 Daytime
Charjabug Vikavolt use Thunder Stone, in Gen 8, or level up in a Magnetic Field area
Crabrawler Crabominable at Mount Lanakila
Rockruff Lycanroc
Midday Form
25 Daytime, in Pokémon Sun or Ultra Sun
Rockruff Lycanroc
Midnight Form
25 Nighttime, in Pokémon Moon or Ultra Moon
Own Tempo Rockruff
Dusk Form
25 Dusk 5-6pm, in Ultra Sun/Moon
Fomantis Lurantis 34 Daytime
Salandit Salazzle 33 Female
Steenee Tsareena after Stomp learned
Cosmoem Solgaleo 53 in Pokémon Sun or Ultra Sun
Cosmoem Lunala 53 in Pokémon Moon or Ultra Moon
Poipole Naganadel after Dragon Pulse learned
Meltan Melmetal Pokémon GO only, 400 Meltan Candies
Milcery Alcremie spin around holding Sweet
Galarian Farfetch'd
Sirfetch'd achieve 3 critical hits in one battle
Toxel Toxtricity
Low Key Form
30 with a low key Nature
Toxel Toxtricity
Amped Form
30 with an amped Nature
Clobbopus Grapploct after Taunt learned
Kubfu Urshifu
Single Strike Style
in Tower of Darkness
Kubfu Urshifu
Rapid Strike Style
in Tower of Water