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also does it synergize well

This is for the metagame/battle subway

This is opinionated
saying water,grass,fire is not good for synergy is also opiniated
Yeah. I actually think the base of this, or the 7 eveelution types, work well together. Gives you great type coverage.

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  • Their tiers. If ones in OU or in higher tiers are included in a team with some of the NU ones, your team will be destroyed.
  • Similar roles. They won't be very good in a team together due to their similar roles; most of them have one or two particularly high stats and the rest are average, making your team lack some vital roles.
  • They're often outclassed. A team of multiple Pokemon and not Eeeveelutions works better due to the fact that some of them are strongly outclassed by other members of their type. There are better Pokemon to suit a team than some of the Eeveelutions.

    To answer your sub-question, sort of. Their types vary and on one team there will likely be a type to cover everything excepting Dragons (Glaceon is a rare sight). However their lack of dual types means they loss some important types meaning they can be unsuccessful competitively.

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Just because the tiers are different doesn't mean they suck. Peope use jumpuf in ubers. :P But yeah, I agree
Then again, Flareon would be destroyed in OU.
Yeah flareon sucks xD
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No. They have great synergy, but just no. There are way better Pokemon to replace it. there are only like 4 great eevee Pokemon and they are jolteon vaporeon espeon and umbreon. Leafeon is pretty good but there are way better tanks. I would suggest using a regualar team. They get outclassed for exampe flareon is supposed to be a physical attac right? It has a poor physical movepool and other Pokemon can outclass it. take heatran for exampe. It isn't a physical attacker, but it has high special defense ike flareon and high attacing stats. Wouldn't you rather use heatran than flareon?

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*Forgets about Espeon
I get downvoted, MF gets downvoted, fizzcube gets downvoted? :P
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