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Not that we know of so far.

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No other types are confirmed. They talk about "sound types" and stuff like that but no other new types are confirmed.


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They are talking about sound types!? Wow, I wonder if it'll become a confirmed type.
If Noivern isn't a sound type, sound type isn't happening.
It might happen in the next series. And Noivern might be a sound type in the next series.
Yeah but Noivern is already dual typed so I can't see them getting rid of one of his types. Just like fairy, I doubt they will retype pokemon who are already dual typed.
Yeah, your right... But still, they might come up with sound type in the next generation.
If sound type is made, i bet you pokemon like Exploud will be made sound type. A bit like how Magnamite became part steel.
Sound Type sounds ridiculous to me. There can be a "Sound Pokemon", or sound-related moves, but Nintendo/Game Freak is probably not going to add any more types. Also, if there were sound Pokemon,  what would be it's weaknesses and be super effective to?
Or of course they would make tri-type pokemon... just saying
They should have made Light-type instead of Fairy-type. It would be Dark and Light. :D
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As of yet, the only new type is the Fairy-type. Since this is the first new type they added in 14 years, there will probably not be another one. I doubt I'm wrong, but it's still possible.