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ok, I was checking my Pokemon's I'd numbers because of the jubilife lottery, and I noticed they all have the same I'd number! are all you're Pokemon supposed to have the same I'd numbers, or is this out-of-the-ordinary?


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Did you catch all of those Pokemon yourself? If so, those ID numbers are perfectly normal.

ID numbers are basically a number unique to every trainer that is given to every Pokemon they capture. So every Pokemon that you capture should have your ID number.

So really, it is highly unlikely you will win the Jubilife Lottery without getting Pokemon of different ID numbers via trading (there are 65535 different ID numbers, so you only have a 1 in 65535 chance of winning!).

If you want more info on ID numbers, look here.

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And people hope they'll get a Master Ball through the Lottery. Yeah. How funny.
I won the lottery in soul silver. I got a prop for dressup and a shell bell-.-'