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How to Mega Evolve Pokemon?

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I heard that there is a new evolution method that will allow you to evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken.

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In order to have a Pokemon Mega Evolve you must have it wield a Mega Stone in battle. There is a new button on the battle pad that will enable you to let your Pokemon Mega Evolve, however this evolution is only temporary. To evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken, Blaziken will have to wield the Blazikenite

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You must acquire a Mega Bracelet that has a Key Stone in it. Then, let the Pokemon hold its Mega Stone and the Key Stone reacts with the Mega Stone, mega evolving the Pokemon.

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This can only be done in the upcoming games, X and Y.

In Pokemon X and Y, the Pokemon that can Mega Evolve should hold its Mega Stone (in Blaziken's case, the Blazikenite, which can be obtained from a special Torchic that can be received via the Internet for a while after the two games' release).

When the Pokemon is in battle, there will be a button on the 'moves' screen that will allows you to Mega Evolve the Pokemon. You can do this and attack in the same turn.

Of course, since the games have not been released yet, so this info may change before the games' release.

Remember, this can only be done in X and Y; in other games, you can't Mega Evolve.

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This is for X and Y, so the exact method hasn't been released. However it looks like the Pokemon needs to be holding a certain item, and then in battle it can choose to Mega Evolve if you want it to. This effect is only in-battle, though, so its not a true evolution.

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>However, although officially called Mega Evolution, the process is more like a form change. Pokemon can only enter their Mega forms in battle, when holding a unique Mega Stone item for each Pokemon. Blaziken, for example, evolves in battle when holding Blazikenite. A special event is lined up for the release of Pokemon X & Y to obtain a Torchic holding a Blazikenite.

Thats all we know right now.
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