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How Come Caterpie Is One Of The Pokemon That Evolve So Fast?

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this is the same for all the bug Pokemon
The early Bug Pokemon evolve at low levels and are available early in-game beacsue they are suppose to introduce new players to evolution

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Bug type Pokemon are the easiest Pokemon to train, raise and evolve barring Volcarona as exception. This can be associated with the fact on how fast bug Pokemon grow in real life. Bugs were also Satoshi Tajiri's main interest when he was a child so it is most likely that he adapted the speed and timing of a bug's metamorphosis and set them over in levels. With this bug type Pokemon often evolve at level 16 and at latest level 25(with exception Volcarona).

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Evolving at a low level is kinda a thing that Game Freak has made for Bug Pokemon such as Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple.

It may be because they are found early in the games and so the player can evolve something early on, or maybe it's showing how Caterpillars go through metamorphosis quickly in real life.

Source: Well.. Uhh.. Speculation I guess..

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All bug Pokémon evolve quickly, probably for two reasons: Bugs in real life go through their life stages rather quickly. It allows players to see evolution early in the game to help them understand it.

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