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Avalanche or Metal Burst? I was thinking Metal Burst cause it's a steel type so 50% more damage, but witch would be better?


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I think Metal Burst is better for it. This is because Bastiodon's Attack is so low nothing else will do that much damage. However, Metal Burst deals a set amount of damage (1.5x what your opponent did), so it doesn't get STAB.

Also, since this is X and Y, Bastiodon can't get Avalanche yet. Once the pokebank is up you can trade it from a Gen IV game (where Avalanche is a TM) to a Gen V game, and then to X and Y. But firstly the pokebank isn't operational yet, and secondly it sounds like a lot of hassle.

So, for an attacking move, I would stick to Metal Burst.

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Metal Burst doesn't get the 50% STAB Boost since it doesn't actually do damage by itself.
>Deals damage to the last foe to hit the user with an attack this turn. The damage is equal to 1.5x the HP lost by the user from that attack.

Metal Burst ^
Even so, it's better than Avalanche since Bastiodon's horrible offenses means it isn't going to be hitting hard anyway, so Metal Burst will outdamage it as long as you get hit.