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I received a level 100 Shiny Bastiodon from a Trade. I attached the Leftovers on it. When I do a Super Single Battle, these are its stats:
These are its moves:
Stealth Rock
Magic Coat
Should I replace a move with an attacking move, or should I keep the moves?
Note: Its Nature is Sassy which makes it slower than usual.

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I think you should use Ferrothorn instead of Bastiodon because water and ground attacks are very common.

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I know this is already answered but....

There are other steel types and other rock types that are superior to Bastiodon. But if you really want to use it, yes I say that you should take off Magic Coat. It requires the most precise reading, and then it’s still hard to pull off. I would actually replace Magic Coat with Rock Slide, as it is much more reliable than Metal Burst. Even if Metal Burst will do more damage, Pokemon don’t always try to attack you. Rock Slide is also STAB. It also has decent power, allowing it to hit for.... well..... decent damage (though Bastiodon’s attack is garbage so... maybe not).

So that is why I would use Rock Slide over Magic Coat/Metal Burst.

Hope this helps! :)

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Replace mirror coat with metal burst
You would need excellent guessing to predict a status condition move and use mirror coat. With metal burst, all you have to do is predict an attack and hit back even harder.

I'll try it. The problem with this set is that without attack moves, it would take a long time for the opponent to lose Hp, especially if the opponent only has one Pokemon left.