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So, in gen 6, a certain someone is trying to access the Pokemon Global Link, but got this...

Error Code: 090-0210
"You can't connect to the Global Link due to ongoing maintenance. Please wait. and then try again later."

So, my questions are...
1.) is everyone getting this?
2.) Is there specific days the PGL is down ( like it was for BW & BW2)?
3.) If you are the only experiencing this, what can you (possibly) do?

NOTE: this only happens when that certain person tries to save.
For example, whenever this person tries to save for the Game Sync, it fails to connect them, and thus they are not able to access it.

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Is it something like that? Because if it is, you've got all the information you need there. xD
I'd suggest you answer lol :P

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You asked me to answer this, so I am. xD

1) Everyone gets the maintenance message at the same time. (Of course, different time zones will get different times from other places)

2) Look here, my silly little vision-impaired Lenub. x)

3) You can't do anything about it, but wait until the end of the maintenance.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience, and the above link.

Uh oh... Lenub needs help from an adult. :>
M(r/is)s. Lenub!! We need your help. x)
Is it possible gor you to answer the NOTE as well? Thats my main problem at the moment.
I don't understand it D: