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These are the shinies so far.

I couldn't find any more so far, but gen 6 just came out. Wait a little longer. People will find more shinies, and who knows: Nintendo might release  a shiny event or even a list of shiny sprites!
Hope this helps
Actually, that is extremely old and many more have been revealed and posted.
What I'm really asking is for someone to post all of them. (Which shouldn't be too much to ask, since there's only a fair few Pokemon this gen.)
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http://m.youtube.com/?reload=2&rdm=xsd1m6j9#/results?q=shiny%20pokemon%20in%20x%20and%20y&sm=1 I think that this is all the shiny sprites we know so far. I personally think that Aegislashes sprite is the best. Hope this helps!
I converted since it looks like to me you just googled 'shiny pokemon in x and y' on youtube and linked that.
Also the link just takes me to the youtube page no actual search.

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Anyway I'm a lazy bum, so i'm going to link a smogon spreadsheet which has each of the shiny Pokemon found so far, compiled by the people on smogon forums and stuff.
As you can see, Mega Aerodactyl, Mewtwo X/Y and Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde are missing. The latter three are shiny locked, so someone is going to need to hack the game and find them, not sure if that's been done yet. Anyway yeah have fun going through links :P

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Thank you!
Whenever I want to see a Shiny Pokemon, I'll just look at that. xD