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I tried using hawlucha for sky battle but it just does not work.why?

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Hawchula is not permitted in Sky Battles, so you can't use it. It's probably because of the sprite, since Hawchula isn't flying.


Then how in the world did this one sky trainer have a Carnivine?
Carnavine is allowed
Pokemon with Levitate are allowed in battle.
I know, I found that weird as well seeing a Carnivine in a Sky Battle. xD
Yeah. Not all of them though, the sprite has to be floating off the ground.
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I think hawlucha is off a chicken or some bird that can't really fly. It can jump, and flap its wings to go farther, but just isn't able to stay airborne for a long time for a sky battle. Although it can learn fly, and carry a trainer around in the game which suggest that is should be able to fly well enough for skybattles.

My second theory is that being part fighting type would put it at a disadvantage to all the flying types.

But then it's your hoice to use it at all. The second one doesn't make much sense tbh.