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Well I got massd up so heres the moveset that my lairon has :

dig-i don't have e-quake yet ...

iron defence-boosts defence good

iron tail-powerfull STAB

take down-with the abilety of rock head

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This One Will Be Mine Too:

Iron Tail: STAB

Rock Slide: Move Tutor, STAB

Ice Beam/Double Edge: Handy Move iF Lairon/Aggron has Decent SA or Make Use of Rock head.

E-Quake: When You Get It.

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OK that is a bad set Swampert

Iron Head(More relaible STAB than iron tail)

Stone edge(STAB)


Ice punch(Covers ground)

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But unlike yours, his is actually easier to access. It's more practical that way.
I also think this is for Gen 3.