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I know I'm n the only one to notice this, but every time a Pokémon game came out on a new handheld, the next game would be a remake. For Example, when Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald were released as the first Pokémon games for the advance, the next games were remakes, FireRed and Leaf Green. Also after Diamond and Pearl were released for the ds, the next Ds Pokémon game in the series was HeartGold/SoulSilver remakes of the 2nd generation, Since a mainline Pokémon game, Pokémon X/Y have been released, will the next game follow this pattern and be a 3rd Gen Remake?


It would be cool, but hoenn would come in gen 5 and diamond\pearl this gen if that pattern was followed
actually not the pattern of gens the systems the second pokemon game released on the GB Advance was a remake of gen 1. The Second Game for the Ds was a remake for gen 2
While I would really like a Hoenn remake, I do feel that they only remade Red/Blue and Gold/Silver because you cannot trade the pokemon from those games to the newer games. However, you can trade pokemon from Hoenn right through to X and Y, if you really want to.

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No. There is no actual way to say this, and no way to confirm if even if it were true, unless Nintendo came out and said it

While you have noticed a half pattern it doesn't really follow right. Okay so it was;
Pokémon Red/Green/Blue - Game Boy
Pokémon Yellow - Gameboy Color
Pokémon Gold/Silver - Gameboy Color
Pokémon Crystal - Gameboy Color
Pokémon Ruby and sapphire - Gameboy Advance
Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen - Gameboy Advance
Pokémon Emerald- Gameboy Advance
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl - Nintendo DS
Pokémon Platinum - Nintendo DS
Pokémon Heartgold/Soulsilver - Nintendo DS
Pokémon Black/White - Nintendo DS
Pokémon Black2/White2 - Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo DS
Pokémon X/Y - Nintendo 3DS

>but every time a Pokémon game came out on a new handheld, the next game would be a remake.

Technically no. The Gameboy Color had no remake (Excuseable since they only did the Second and First gens by that time). Additionally, Pokémon B2W2 was technically released on 3DS, as well as DS. That makes X/Y the Second game on the 3DS. And it's not a remake. Also on the GBA and DS there were 2 remakes - one of a previous generation, one of that generation (DP --> Platinum, RS ---> Emerald). Additionally, everyone was 'predicting' with Black/White Nintendo would follow their previous pattern and release a Third game, Something like Pokémon Grey. Guess what. They didn't.

Personally I think your pattern is a little off, and even if it was right it would be impossible to confirm anything. And the fact Nintendo has no logic, so their patterns shouldn't either.

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no what i'm saying is that every second set of games(FireRed, Leaf Green; HeartGold ,SoulSilver) on each handheld not every two games the definite second set of games for a hand held