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I was catching golducks on route 13 when a wild egg appeared at level 24 outsped my reshiram and used shadowsneak.
Is this possible?

Glitch. Only one word.
Shadow Sneak is +1 priority. So it moved before Reshiram.

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No, this would not normally happen.

This is a glitch and the only reason it is happening is because you have used an action replay card on your game, or its a pre-owned one and the pre-owner used an action replay card on it. Action replay cards do usually cause glitches, but this one would have been found before if it isn't caused by an a.r card.

Source: previous questions like this.

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they can be just glitches btw. Corruption in a DS or Game card can be created in many different ways, bot just an AR.
Yes, that must be it. Thanks for the best answer selection, I haven't managed to do any decent answeres in ages!