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Mega Heracross outspeeds my mega alakazam with pin missle. How in the world did this happen? My mega alakazam has MAX Evs in speed. There has got to be an answer for this.


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Few things:

  • was Agility or Speed Boost baton passed to Mega-Heracross?
  • was Sticky Web in place on your side of the team? And was it on the first turn that Heracross Mega-evolved?
  • did something happen to Alakazam's speed before it faced Mega-Heracross?
  • was this on showdown? If it was, it's known to be glitched. My Scarf Garchomp didn't outspeed a non-scarfed Keldeo (with no Quick Claw), so it just happens some times.

Other than these things, I think it was most likely a glitch. Even at 0 IVs in speed, 252 EVs would mean that Alakazam definitely outspeeds unboosted Heracross & Mega-Heracross.

see above comment response please
There is a possibility of hacking, too.
How about Trick Room? Is it up?
no guys. no stat boosters. nothing. he outspeed my 31 speed IV, max speed EV TIMID mega alakazam. my mind was blown. no trick room. nothing. i tried to use the move phychic. he out sped me with pin missle
Just in case this in-game, you may have missed the Sticky Web or Trick Room being up.
If it's Showdown and you can see everything, it is probably a glitch.
Another possibility is that it's not Mega Heracross, but a Scarfed Heracross.
Yep, it's a glitch. It just happens sometimes.
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Some things that could make it faster:
1:Baton Pass
2:Mega Heracross might've had Choice Scarf...
3:Sticky Web
4:Quick Claw
5: A Pokemon might've lowered your speed from before
6:Possible Glitch (Pokemon games glitch too barely though)
7:Trick Room

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He said that the alakazam had a timid nature and max EVs in speed
Oh but he didn't say timid nature :I but i'll change it
Mega Pokemon can't hold items, they use their held mega stones to mega evolve :P