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biggrin wants to know about Golurk and Stantler

Golurk gets Stab E-quake AMAZING graphics he gets PHANTOM FORCE IRON FIST TOO! AMAZING ATTACK decent defenses enough to take 3 hits ATLEAST and 3 immunites! and Fighting types can be a threat nowadays
Stantler is cool and all and has the PERFECT moveset and typing to fight against Gengar and Mega Gengar Frisk will see if he's actually fighting Mega Gengar it's the perfect Pokemon to force a switch from Gengar easy with Hypnosis then Zen Headbutt or Psychic Extrasensory maybe too! So why are these so underestimated I have NEVER seen it used in Competitive Stantler is in NU! WHY?! SO CONFUSING
Just remember in Pokemon Heartgold when you were about to battle Morty the Ghost type gym leader Stantler was an amazing advantage to fight him because of his typing and his great moveset to put him to sleep and super effective fight him Zen Headbutt (Super Effective) Hypnosis (Puts target to sleep) Normal Typing (Immune to Ghost moves)

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They're in NU because if they were moved to OU, Talonflame, Azumarill, and his buddies would smash them.
Btw though, it isn't a big deal. Maybe it's also because of their lack of good power compared to the Megas running around in OU.
What do you mean by underestimate? Are you refering to tiers. Any pokemon not UBER can be used in OU. Anyways there are problaly pokemon that do there job better though.
The U stands for used...
Um...do you realize what a period is?
In regards to your latest edit;
If a pokemon is good ingame it is NOT neccesarily good in competitive.

A level 100 Magikarp is good for the first couple gyms ingame, since it OHKOs everything with Tackle probably.
Is it any good in competitive? Hell no.
There's a video somewhere on Youtube where someone manages to beats Diamond with a L100 Magikarp (but spams X items). It just proves you can beat the game with any Pokemon.
Also, Furret & Raticate do exactly what Stantler could do in a battle against Morty, except that Raticate learns Crunch via level up and Furret learns Shadow Claw by TM.
Because yo do realise that Stantler learns Zen Headbutt at L38 in HGSS, by which time you would be almost ready to take on Clair?

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Can we just say that "uhmazing graphics" has nothing to do with how good a Pokemon is.

Golurk has abysmal speed. It can still be out sped even after one Rock Polish, and if you choose No Guard for Dynamic Punch, it means that it'll always be hit with Will-O-Wisp, resulting in it being checked almost entirely by Weezing; in the higher tiers it would have to deal with Sableye. It's so slow it can't even get a sub up before getting burned, rendering it useless. Yes it's got 3 immunities, but the trade off is 5 weaknesses, and pretty common ones in water, ice & grass. Some calculations will show that Rotom-Frost has a good chance of OHKOing Golurk with Blizzard:

>252 SpA Rotom-F Blizzard vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Golurk: 372-440 (97.3 - 115.1%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO

Phantom Force is not a particularly good move either... it takes 2 turns to activate which just means you can switch into a normal/ dark type to take the hit.

And what do you mean fighting types can be a threat nowadays? They were always a threat. In fact they're even less of a threat now because of the Fairy type, and few Fighting types carry Poison moves stronger than Poison Jab.


Stantler isn't a good counter to Mega-Gengar. Yes, it's normal type, but it's got crap defenses and is out sped by regular Gengar, let alone Mega, so Gengar can set up substitute on it and any status move is therefore useless. If you want to use a Psychic move, surely Girafarig is better because it receives STAB on Psychic moves. Considering that Purugly outspeeds Gengar and has Shadow Claw, while Persian also outspeeds Gengar and has Technician Bite, it's not as if Stantler is the only NU Pokemon ever capable of doing anything to Gengar. Just to prove my point:

>252 Atk Life Orb Technician Persian Bite vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Gengar: 257-304 (98.4 - 116.4%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO

Even if Stantler was a viable counter to Mega-Gengar, it should be able to do more than just counter one Pokemon. While Mega-Gengar is popular over wifi, it's not as if it'll appear every single battle. If it doesn't appear, then Stantler is near to useless if its moveset is geared towards dealing with Mega-Gengar.

I'm not saying they're bad Pokemon, I'm just saying that they have a lot of limitations compared to their advantages, and that's why they're in NU. Even other NU Pokemon outshine them, let alone RU/UU/OU Pokemon. Purugly, Persian and Miltank are better normal types; they either have higher overall stats or better speed/ attack/ abilities. Stantler just doesn't cut it with its mediocre stats. As for Golurk, Mold Breaker Scarf/ Band Sawk out classes Golurk due to its ability to hit Rotom-Frost, and Golurk has no boosting moves for its attack, unlike say, Shell Smash Carracosta, Curse Muk, Bulk Up Gurdurr etc., so its got stiff competition as a physical sweeper. It does have a niche in being able to set up Stealth Rock and spinblock simultaneously, but that's about it.

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Well said. But I do have a soft spot for Golurk. He doesn't need any attack boosting moves with iron fist, and in trick room he can be quite good. Even though, I think he still belongs in NU, because he will only be able to cope in RU under these conditions.
It's not really an insult if it's true like this is.
You only find it insulting because you're viewing my answer through your favouritism glasses where you've put Stantler and Golurk on this pedestal.
E.g., my favourite Pokemon is Emolga, but even so, I know that its stats are pretty crap & that there are much better options competitively. I'll still use it, and I have every right to do so, but I've fully accepted that it has a lot of limitations.
I kind of like Pokemon limitations though.
They make things Interesting...
Well, to an extent, and with a few exceptions. :P